Tips for travelling with infants


These days, couples do not change their lifestyle because of a new addition to their family. They do not want to miss out on some family function or their best friend’s wedding, just because their baby is a few months old. If you are one such parent, here is all you need to know about travelling with your little bundle of joy.

Travelling by air


Your carryon luggage on the flight should only be dedicated to your baby. Do not carry more than one cabin baggage, unless it is absolutely necessary. Keep enough diaper changes depending on the duration of the flight. Wear clothes that are comfortable for both you and your baby. Wear your baby till you complete the boarding. It is very convenient for both of you and is less tiring. Do not carry a lot of clothes for the baby even though they need many changes in a day. You can always wash their clothes by hand on a daily basis. It is better to travel light when you have kids, especially infants with you.

Travelling by train


When you are travelling with an infant by a train, the first thing you need to ensure, if it is a night journey, is that you have a lower birth. If it is a day journey only, insist on the window seat, so that the child can enjoy the view. This will keep him occupied and it is less likely that he will cry. Keep in mind that infants get irritated easily and crying is their only resort. Again, do not pack too much and do not carry more than one big bag with wheels. Also, pack a carryon baby bag with only the stuff that is needed through the journey.

Travelling by road


When travelling by your own car, you do not need to think too much about the luggage. Just make sure that all your child’s things that you would need during the drive are packed in a separate bag and kept close at hand. Always strap the baby in a car seat facing you and the road. This journey should not be very stressful as infants tend to sleep a lot in moving cars. Make a lot of pit stops and change the child’s diaper frequently.

The major thing that needs to be kept in mind while travelling with children of any age is that keeping them occupied is the best solution. Carry some game or maybe have some cartoon videos on your phone or tablets for them to watch. Also, for infants, carry their favourite toy and keep it around, this helps them feel familiar always.

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