Tips On How To Wear A Long Skirt For Your Body Type


Summer calls for comfortable clothes made of soft, light and breathable fabrics. And the closest that comes to it is the long skirt! Longs skirts are not just versatile, beautiful, comfortable, elegant and stylish, but they’re also totally in vogue since the time it made a comeback last year. No matter what your body type is, if you want to give this cool trend a try, keep reading for tips on how to wear a long skirt with different kind of tops!

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Some general tips:

  • If you want to wear a long skirt that is flowy or has pleats, make sure to balance the outfit by wearing well-fitted tops. It tones down the volumizing effect of the billowing skirt, and not to mention, also makes you look cute!
  • Always consider your body shape and size while assembling your outfit. Balance out the proportion using different garments and the colour-blocking technique.
  • Printed fabrics should be paired with neutral pieces else it would make the outfit look too overwhelming.

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Here are some great outfit-of-the-day (#ootd) ideas to wear a long skirt as per your body shape:

Flowy skirt and simple t for curvy figure

Flowy skirt and simple tee for curvy body type

OOTD for curves:  You know that best part of dressing your curves is that you can wear most types of outfits. If you want to wear a long skirt, a medium flowy A-line skirt is the best option for you as it will fall beautifully on your curved bottom while not drawing too much attention. Pair it with a neutral black t-shirt and some chunky accessories for a stylish yet comfortable look. 

Outfit suggestion for hiding flabby arms and stomach

Outfit suggestion for hiding flabby arms and stomach

OOTD for hiding flabby arms and paunch: Don’t be disheartened just because of your problem areas; the long skirt is a totally versatile piece and you, too, can wear it with élan. The key is to play up your best features and hide your problem areas. Wear a flowy wrap-around skirt in any neutral colour and pair it with short medium-loose kurti. Hide your chicken wings in 3/4th sleeves! 

Outfit of the day for big bust and narrow waist

Outfit of the day for big bust and narrow waist

OOTD for big bust and narrow waist: Yes, we understand that finding clothes for your body type is always a bother. But this outfit idea might just be ideal for you! A comfortable black tank top will support your bust and the skirt’s waistband will clinch just above your waist giving you the illusion of having the perfect figure.

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Hide your super skinny limbs with this outfit idea

Hide your super skinny limbs with this outfit idea

OOTD for super skinny limbs: You may think that you’d look like an idiot wearing a long flowy skirt, but trust me on this, you won’t! All you need is some layering to take the focus away from your skinny limbs and towards the outfit. Wear a bright-coloured skirt and experiment with patterns and prints. You could even opt for an ombre effect to further give width to your frame. Wear a bright tank top over the skirt and layer it with a loose asymmetrical top thrown over. 

Flatter your pear-shaped figure with this outfit

Flatter your pear-shaped figure with this outfit

OOTD for pear-shaped body: Pear-shaped bodies are also quite easy to dress. If you wish to hide your fat thighs, nothing would do the job better than a long flowy skirt. Opt for dark colours to get a slimming effect and pair your skirt with either a plain tank top of a short sleeved t-shirt. Add a chunky belt to make your waist appear slimmer.

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Remember, whatever your body type is, this trend has something for us all, and what’s more, it’s here to stay!

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