Tips To Avoid C-Section And Enjoy Normal Delivery


Possibility of a normal delivery is only when you take right care of your health during pregnancy. Right diet and right exercise during pregnancy to ensure natural childbirth or normal delivery. Read on to find pregnancy tips for having normal delivery or natural childbirth.
Normal delivery is being promoted these days and more and more would-be mothers prefer to go for it. Many doctors are trying to convince and promote awareness among people so that normal delivery cases increase. At their first time mothers are more anxious about the safety and wellbeing of their babies.
Normal delivery is a natural and physiological process that every woman is capable of performing and the nature has been perfecting it for millions of years. Except in certain medical conditions, where it becomes very essential to go for the C-section to save the child or the mother, normal delivery is possible.

Although there is no magic or a sure shot formula that will help in the outcome of normal delivery, things can be worked out and paid attention to, to improve your chances of going for it.

A healthy lifestyle can help in normal delivery

A healthy lifestyle can help in normal delivery

Tips for normal delivery

You need to take right care of your health during your pregnancy to ensure natural delivery. Have a quick look at the pregnancy tips for having natural delivery.

Diet: You should pay attention to your diet from the time you are confirmed the news of pregnancy. Stick to nutritious diet and add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily intake. Focus on the intake of iron and calcium rich food items. Take multivitamins suggested by your doctor regularly.

Active Lifestyle: Maintain an active lifestyle and this means performing light and permissible yoga asanas and regular walk while you are pregnant. Consult a yoga guru or join a class that can teach you typical exercises that helps in progressing towards normal delivery. You might feel fatigued and lethargic in the early days, but things will get to normal as you proceed through weeks. Walking is the best and easiest exercise that any woman can include in her day-to-day life.

Water: Increase your water intake and make sure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Stress: Check your stress level and try to remain stress free throughout your pregnancy period. Keep yourself happy and contented. This has positive effect on the child and helps you stay healthy. Music can help you stay relaxed and comfortable.

Birth Plan: Make a birth plan after consulting with your doctor and discuss with her before finalizing it. This will help you have a smooth and hassle free childbirth.

Prenatal Class: Attend a prenatal class where you will be helped out with any problems that might come during childbirth and how would you handle it. Also, they will teach you some exercises and actions so as to have easy, less painful and fast childbirth.

Yoga: Yoga increases flexibility and helps you stay relaxed. It helps you in having normal delivery and that too with minimum pain and discomfort. Make sure the yoga asanas you are performing is safe for you and your baby. A spiritual connect keeps mind free from negativity.

Food Items to Avoid During Pregnancy

Avoid eating sea food in excess. Taking seafood in a limited quantity is good for the development of the brain in the child, but excess can result in attacking the nervous system.

Consumption of alcohol, coffee and tea should be minimized. Excess intake of caffeine can result in low birth weight, growth retardation and even miscarriage at times. Ready-to-eat meat and fast food items are observed to be very dangerous for unborn babies.

Stick to healthy eating and avoid gaining too much of weight during pregnancy. Your doctor will tell you whether or not your weight gain is normal. There are some herbs that are believed to be helping induce natural child birth. You need to consult your doctor before you make use of any of the herbs suggested to you and that suit you.

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