Tips To Become A Great Host and Be a Good Party Planner


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New Year is just around the corner and we can’t stop thinking about partying all night the entire week. Thank god we got two extended weekends to celebrate the merry seasons of the year, which will give us more reasons to party harder like no man’s business. Well, is only partying enough? A lot of them must have also been planning to host a party for all their loved once.

And yes, planning a full-fledged party is not a cake walk. One really needs to be a goofy host to run things smoothly and not let the vibes die. We’ve got a few tips for all the party planners out there, who have been thinking from-where-to-start for a very long time.

Take a look at our list of to-dos for a party.

Prepare for the party:

The first and the foremost step to throw a party is to come up with an idea. You can decide a theme for your get-together, or decide a dress code as well. Don’t forget to inform everyone, or the venue will look no less than a circus.

Let your OCD kick in:

Clean your entire house before calling your friends and family. This is the most important thing, as soon as the guest will enter the venue, they’ll look in and around. If the house smells clean and fresh, it will lift the mood of your guests.

Don’t forget to get enough drinks and food:

If you are calling in a lot of people, food and drinks will play a vital role to make you the best host. And remember, don’t forget to have a lot of options to drink, so that people don’t get disappointed.

Be selective with your guest list:

Out of excitement, do not invite the entire world. Your house will turn into a huge supermarket where you won’t be able to control the crowd. Instead, invite people who are near and dear to you, which will make it easier for you to be a good host.

Always lie about the time:

Everyone has the tendency to show up late, like, this is every person’s legit right to enter the venue at their own sweet time. If you know your friend very well, simply lie about the time, so that you won’t have to wait unnecessarily to start the party.

Keep calm:

We all know hosting a party and keeping calm doesn’t go hand in hand. But, if you are worried, why not hide it with a lively smile on your face? Things will fall in place when you’ll be all carefree. Try this! ;)

Greet everyone individually:

People will keep coming in groups or individually, all you can do is hug them and make them feel comfortable in your place. This will lighten up the mood and enable people to enjoy the party to the fullest.

Spend some time with each guest:

As soon as the party starts, approach each and every individual and ask them whether they are having a good time. Engaging in a conversation will make you a better host.

Have an amazing playlist:

If this goes wrong, people are going to remember how bad host you are! This party will stay with you and them for the rest of your lives, leaving you on a guilt trip. So, avoid, play all good songs that your friends love, and make them groove to your beats.

When are you planning one?

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