Tips to control oily skin this summer


The summer brings in sunny and humid days which make our skin even more oily and greasy. This summer, you can avoid the weather-related effects on your skin. Here are a few tips to control over-oiling of your skin:


Avoid direct sun exposure

Being out in the sun will only make you sweatier, while also exposing you to the harmful effects of UV rays. Additionally, the sun can cause a paradoxical increase in oil secretion, making your skin even greasier! During the hours of 10AM – 3PM, the sun is at its strongest, emitting almost unbearable light and heat. Try avoiding the sun, particularly during this time. If this is not possible, try covering your face at least.

Use salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a great naturally derived active that works by exfoliating the oil producing glands and the follicles. It also reduces the amount of oil secreted by the skin. This is clearly a great option to reduce oiliness.

Avoid over-washing

When our skin gets oily, we tend to over-wash. It is not healthy to wash your face more than twice a day. When you over-wash, your skin loses much needed moisture, making it believe that it should produce more oil to give it back its hydration. So, in actuality, your skin ends up producing more oil instead of less!

Flip the routine

In the winters, we tend to add extra products such as cold creams and serums to give back moisture to our skin. So, once summer arrives, stop those extra products and use light moisturizing lotions or gels instead. You will feel more refreshed and your skin will be less oily as well.

Cut out the makeup

While it may feel like you can’t live without your foundation, in the summer weather, it is best to go without it. Foundation will only get runny in the hot and sunny outside conditions, resulting in it thinning and running down your face. Also, extra products on an already sweaty face can only serve to increase the clogged pores, making your skin more pimple-prone.

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If you follow these easy steps, then oily skin will stay away for good. Enjoy the summer without worrying about your skin! :)

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