Tips To De-clutter And Decorate Your House For Diwali


Diwali is just a hop, skip and jump away and with most people the pre-Diwali festivities have already started. But before you start shopping for new clothes, new jewellery and the likes, bear in mind that surprise-guests are bound to visit almost every other day during this festival. And in such a case, finding your house looking like a nest is not a good impression. Take a sweeping look across your house, isn’t it full of clutter and toss-able items? How would it seem if your door-bell rang to reveal that your cousins and friends decided to pay you a surprise visit, that too with your house in such a mess? Not cool!

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Also, even if you decorate your house to hide all the clutter, it won’t make it any pretty. Imagine one of the kids of your guests finds a stack of broken CDs hidden behind the flower vase. Embarrassing as it may sound, it does happen with people. So this is just one of the many reasons why you must de-clutter your house before decorating it. Hoping that you are convinced about the same, here are a few tips on how to de-clutter and decorate your house for Diwali.

Entrance decoration idea  for Diwali

Entrance decoration idea for Diwali

Clear up the entrance:

The entrance to your house must always be clutter free and tidy. Remove all unnecessary items e.g. move the shoe-rack outside the door and arrange the shoes properly on it. Also replace the dirty door mat with a new, clean one. Make sure there is adequate light at your entrance as this place needs the most amount of positive energy in your house.

Decoration tip:

Add a few strings of Diwali lights or handmade diyas on your entryway and make a colourful rangoli with flower petals.

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Tidy up the living area:

Maximum chances are that your guests will be seated in the living area, so make sure to keep it tidy. Don’t hide the clutter under the sofa; collect it in a large garbage bag and toss it out. Old newspapers, used notebooks, old telephone directory, broken showpieces, hangers, socks with no match, old broken vases, broken umbrellas, pens that are out of ink, dead batteries and old toys that your child played with when he was a 2-year-old; all these need to be chucked out without another thought. Change the cushion covers and the table cloth and refill the water in the flower vase.

Decorate your living room with lanterns and t-lightsDecorate your living room with lanterns and t-lights

Decorate your living room with lanterns and t-lights

Decoration tip:

Hang a few handmade or store-bought lanterns from the ceiling and decorate your windows with diya or t-lights. On your table, you may also place a flat bowl filled with water and flower petals, and a single t-light floating in it.

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Organize your kitchen:

Don’t hide the kitchen-ware behind closed cabinet doors. If anything seems useless, throw it away immediately. Old spices, empty bottles of sauces and a day old stale food need to be thrown or given away to the needy. Use cane baskets to store your fruits and vegetables as it makes it look much neater and prettier. Always keep the kitchen counter clean and free of clutter.

You can decorate your kitchen with a flower rangoli such as this one made of marigold

You can decorate your kitchen with a flower rangoli such as this one

Decoration tip:

Because the kitchen has the most flammable substances, decorate it with colourful rangoli and marigold flowers which are believed to be a good omen during festivals.

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Clear up the sitting room or library:

If you have a library or a sitting room in your house, make sure to keep it worth sitting and reflecting. Nobody can relax in a place that’s full of clutter. Donate old, torn books and arrange the rest of them neatly. Don’t leave anything lying about on tables or the floor.

For bedroom decoration you can work with roses and candles

For bedroom decoration you can work with roses and candles

Decoration tip:

Keep an intricate glass vase with fresh flowers on the centre table and place aromatic candles or diyas at all corners of the room.

Vamp up the bedrooms:

Clearing away all the clutter from your house doesn’t mean hiding it away in the wardrobes in your bedroom. Change all the bed linen and curtains and throw away the old, tattered ones. Donate old books and clothes. If you have to retain anything important don’t dump everything in the wardrobe. Instead, think of creative storage options like a foldable shelf that can be hung on the wall.

Here are a few ways how you can decorate your house using t-lights

Here are a few ways how you can decorate your house using t-lights

Decoration tip:

Go romantic with the bedroom – think roses, aromatic candles, t-lights in water bowls. And soft colourful neon lights to decorate the dresser-mirror with.

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