Tips to deal with your teens


As your children grow into teens, it becomes even more challenging to keep a track on them. As they grow, the influences in their life change. From parents and teachers, their friends become the greatest influencers. Peer pressure is the biggest fear for every parent and it is quite difficult to keep a tab on your teenager’s friends. So how do you ensure your teen doesn’t go wayward? Let us help you here.

Leave aside time for them

Leave aside time for them

Change your expectations

Most parents treat their teenagers like they are capable of reasoning, decision making and controlling their impulses, while most others over-discipline them and treat them like children. However, it is necessary to strike a balance. Your expectations need to be modified. Their brains are in a critical stage of development and they need you to help them through this part of their life. Instead of expecting them to act and think like an adult, expect them to be somewhat out-of-control and help them with it.

Stop treating them with suspicion

Teenagers deal with fear a lot. Fear of companionship, fear of fitting in, fear of grades and fear of being mocked at are some of the fears that teenagers may have. Do not add to it. When they come home, their home should be their sanctuary away from these fears. A place where they feel safe and protected, where they find love and acceptance.


At this crucial time in their lives, they’re looking for someone to understand what they’re going through. We all need understanding, but your teenager needs it a lot more than you can possibly imagine and he/she needs it to come from you. When they come home, stop what you’re doing and give them your undivided attention.

Establish boundaries

If you have to deal with your teenagers, you need to understand that establishing boundaries is imperative. Your teenager must know the moral boundaries that have been drawn by you as a parent. They must be clear, concise and practical. Your teenager must know, the time he needs to be back home, the work that is expected from him at home and even the things that he will not do outside the four walls of his house.

Stop fighting with your teen

Stop fighting with your teen

You have been through a similar phase in your life. You need to realize that even times have changed. What might have been a challenge for you may be a piece of cake for your teen who might be dealing with other issues. So be a friend to your teen, but do not forget your responsibility as a parent.


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