Tips to enjoy and spice up car sex


Car sex can be epic! Especially if you have Leonardo Di Caprio like in ‘Titanic’. But as the passion gets steamy, your bodies tend to hit every possible object in your car, irritating much? Yes, car sex can be something really out of the blue and fun, but you want to make sure it’s worth it. Here are a few tips to spice up car sex with your partner to keep the spark in your relationship.

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Firstly, and most obviously, but for some of you out there who think they are daredevils, NOT while driving! Doing anything other than steering the wheel and concentrating on the road is illegal during driving.

Now that the obvious is knocked down, here we list a few places you can try making out while in your car to make things kinkier!

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Front passenger seat

The front passenger seat is a great place to sex it up

The front passenger seat is a great place to sex it up

Push the passenger seat as far back as you can and let the fun begin. This way you steer clear of the gearbox, the steering wheel and everything that could ruin it for you.

Back seat

In the back seat of your car!

In the back seat of your car!

The most common car sex place is the back seat of your car. Only thing you may need to worry about are the door knobs, if any. If your car is big enough, this too may not be too worrisome.

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The bonnet can be an adventurous place to have sex

The bonnet can be an adventurous place to have sex

Are you bold enough? Maybe in a secluded place, you could try this. With the woman on the bonnet, this can be a pleasurable experience! Try this, if you feel the adrenaline rush on the bonnet of your beast!

So here were the three places on and in your car where you can sex it up, however, you can actually use certain things in your car to spice things up and take car sex to another level altogether!

Seat belts

BDSM? Anyone? Seat belts are ready to use for your peculiar sexual interests! You can have your man strapped down with a seat belt and let your creativity run wild.

AC and car heaters

You can play with the temperature for either a comfortable sex experience or a steamy/hot experience! This will make his skin sensitive and will heighten the pleasure factor!

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Rear view mirrors

You can try adjusting the rear view mirrors to be directed towards the fun! This way, he/she can see the action from angles he/she would like to!

Whatever you do, remember, driving and indulging in a sexy encounter is not an option. Unless you are too friendly with the police, or you’d like to spend a night in jail!

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