Tips to look less nerdy with glasses


You may be worried about wearing glasses because of the way people stereotype you at first sight. Well, if you can manage to groom your look well, you may just make wearing glasses a style statement! Here are tips to look less geeky while wearing glasses.

Your glasses must complement your style

Your glasses must complement your style

You should choose a specific look

Browse through fashion magazines, blogs, and eye care websites to see which look is best suitable for you. If you have a friend who rocks the hipster intellectual look, then decide whether you can do the same. Let your style be unique, however.

Your glasses should complement your fashion sense

Make sure your glasses complement what you wear. Just like your belt or your jewellery, your glasses will add a defining touch to your style sense.

Select frames

Frames must be able to match your face shape and size otherwise you may end up looking super geeky. Consult your eye care specialist as he/she will have information regarding this.


Make sure your hair is styled well to ensure that you don’t look like a geek. Most people tend to blame others for calling them geeks because they have glasses, not realising that they portray themselves as geeks. Invest time on yourself, style your hair well, look after yourself to make sure people don’t judge you incorrectly based on your look.


Attitude is everything

Attitude is everything

Attitude is a major issue when it comes to rocking eyewear. If you manage to feel good in what you wear, you will look good in what you wear. Even the geekiest of looks can look cool if you rock it with style.

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