Tips To Overcome Jet Lag All Flyers Need To Know


If you are a jet setter by nature and frequently move around the world, then there are plenty of good things that you can experience. But of course, there are always issues that creep up along the way that need to be tackled or better still, nipped in the bud before they cause too much trouble. Jet lag is one such nuisance that raises its ugly head in case you are travelling in different time zones. So, in order to avoid your body from wilting under the pressure, here are some tips to overcome jet lag.

Rest all you want


Resting well is essential to avoiding jet lag.

Resting is a key factor that helps the body to recuperate. The same is true for people that are set to embark on a long distance flight. Make sure you pack all your stuff well in advance and go on with your daily routine as usual. Hectic or hassled approach can leave you down on energy, which in turn takes a toll on the body. Packing in enough sleep 48 hours prior to the start of the journey means the body has enough left in the tank for the bombardment to follow.

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And then some more… rest!

Remember, you aren’t the only one to complain about the choice of in-flight movies. They are there for a reason – to let people embrace slumber. So, make the most of this opportunity to get a powerful nap under your belt. Just a suggestion – when you wake up, make sure you don’t remind yourself constantly about the change of time.

Stay awake till the night is upon you


Stay awake till your body clock is reset

So you have had a good sleep, and have just got off the plane. The clock may say 4 pm, but your body screams 12 in the night. What do we do now? Simple, stay awake till the night is upon you. The body may even beg you to drop everything and stick to the bed, but refuse this request. Go through the grind of transition. Given the amount of sleep you’ve had, you might have an early morning the next day; but hey, who’s complaining, right?

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Bask in the sunshine


Sunshine kicks jet lag away

Sunshine is a proven deterrent to jet lag, so get out and roam around. Take in the sun while strolling on the streets and checking out the surroundings. The sunrays can pep you up and refresh your mood.

Pop some melatonin

Though it’s not exactly the best option to have in your armoury, it is handy nonetheless. A melatonin pill consists of a hormone that helps to reset the body clock. It may not necessarily be available over the counter in every country (so do your research before you go asking for it). Oh, and didn’t we tell you, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN before opting for this.

Now that you know the hacks to a better post-flight experience, go out, use and share it with glee.

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