Tips to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy


Chemotherapy is a very painful procedure that the patients suffering from cancer have to undergo. It affects the physical health and also causes a lot of emotional stress to the patients. Dealing with the two deadly Cs – Cancer and Chemo (chemotherapy) is very difficult for the patients. To add to it, they have to also go through the grief of changes in the body, a major one being hair loss. Did you know that you can prevent this from happening? Below are a few tips that can help prevent hair loss during chemotherapy.

Avoid stress:

Dealing with cancer can surely cause a lot of stress, but for the sake of your hair, you have to reduce the levels of stress you are going through. Don’t let the stress affect you emotionally. Hair loss is an unavoidable side effect of the medicines injected during chemotherapy as they affect the hair follicles. But when you are stressed, this is aggravated due to the hormonal changes in the body.

Scalp Hypothermia:

Scalp Hypothermia cap is a silicone cap that is cooled at -30 degrees Celsius. The low temperature helps constrict the blood vessels in the scalp and hence reduce the effect of the medicines of chemotherapy. Also, there are cooling machines available that have caps attached to them which the patient has to wear during the chemo. This can be a little uncomfortable as it has a machine attached to it, but the cap can be easily removed when the patient wants to move around.

Chemotherapy is an absolute must for certain patients coping with cancer. It is aimed to target the growth of cancer cells in the body. But the treatment affects the other cells too. These methods do not act as a hundred percent solution to the problem of hair loss during chemo, but they do reduce the effects of the medicine.

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