Tips To Rebuild Trust In Someone


Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. But the important thing is, are you ready to learn from your mistakes and set things straight? Or do you have the habit of covering your mistakes with lies? Well, if you’ve lost the trust of a friend due to some mistake you’ve made, it is important to rebuild that trust. Trust is like a stack of arranged cans at a supermarket, it takes time to arrange, but one blow can set it in disarray. Here are tips to rebuild trust in a friend whom you may have betrayed.

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Trust is like a stack of cans at a supermarket

Trust is like a stack of arranged cans at a supermarket – Tough to build, easy to destroy

Forgive yourself

The biggest step is to forgive yourself first. When you violate someone’s trust, you may feel so regretful that you can’t forgive yourself. As mentioned before, nobody is perfect. Learn to forgive yourself, for that is the first step towards reconciliation.

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Speak to your friend about the situation. Tell him the truth, the whole truth! Not half truth or a sugary lie. Denying something he already knows will only make his trust issues run into disaster mode towards you.

Explain why you did it

After you’ve confessed and taken responsibility for your actions, explain why you did it. Explain the circumstances surrounding it. Make sure everything you say to him is clear and concise, and don’t mince your words.

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After you’ve confessed, taken responsibility and explained why, apologize for your behaviour. Even if you do not feel the need to apologize, you should offer the person you hurt a simple “I’m sorry for hurting you”.

Tell him how much he means to you

After all of this, mention to him how and why you want to rebuild his trust. Tell him how much he means to you and how you would feel if he wouldn’t trust you anymore.

Leave space to talk

He may want to vent out his frustration

He may want to vent out his frustration

If he is frustrated, angry, or dejected with the way you have behaved, and your explanations haven’t exactly satisfied him, he may vent out his hard feelings. Let him talk and finish, and then you can continue with the rest of the conversation.

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Be patient; building trust is no magic trick.

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