Tips To Reduce Damage Due To Hair Colouring


Many people take joy in dyeing their hair, whether to cover the greys or to change their look. It’s an inexpensive and relatively easy way to change your appearance and look younger. However, dyeing or colouring your hair may not be as harmless as it seems initially. Believe it or not, over-processing the hair due to bleaching or colouring them is the most common cause of hair damage. While you don’t necessarily need to avoid it altogether, there are ways in which you can reduce or prevent the damage to your precious tresses. Here are a few tips to reduce damage due to hair colouring or dyeing:

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Dyeing or colouring your hair can damage your tresses permanently

  • The first thing that you must know is what your hair is made of and how bleaching and dyeing or colouring hair works. Each strand of our hair is made of keratin protein and is composed of a soft inner core which is protected by strong overlapping scale-like lipids. This is the hair cuticle. When your hair is coloured or dyed, the chemicals present in the dye loosen the cuticle so that the outer scales are flared to allow the chemicals access to the inner core. Once in, the chemicals either remove pigment from it to bleach the hair or add more pigment to dye it.
  • Overuse of such chemicals on one’s hair can cause permanent damage as the inner core is exposed to not just chemicals but also heat, pollution and ultraviolet light which may be emitting from the lamp in your room. The result could be dry, frizzy hair, breakage, hair fall and split ends.
  • The good part is that you can prevent the damage due to hair colouring by taking just a few careful preventive measures. Choose organic hair colour or use organic hair care and styling products. They are less damaging to your tresses and even provide long lasting colour.
  • If you want to go lighter, choose a hair colour that is not more than 3 shades lighter than your natural hair colour. Never go way too light, as bleach is the worst enemy your hair can ever have.

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  • If possible, opt for darker hues and colour your hair darker. Dyeing your hair dark causes lesser damage than going lighter.
  • Try using semi-permanent hair colours as they don’t wreck as much havoc on your hair as permanent ones do. If you have a lot of grey hair and require a permanent dye, ask your stylist to do a root touch up rather than going global in a single process.
  • Another important measure that you need to take is the time. Keep a tab on the amount of time that the chemical is on your hair. It should never exceed beyond 30 minutes! If the product is left on your hair for too long, it may cause itching, burning and wouldn’t dye your hair properly either.
  • Also, increase the duration of the intervals between your hair colouring appointments. You shouldn’t need to colour your hair the second time for almost 6 to 8 weeks. If your hair growth is fast and your roots start to show, go for a root colour treatment to avoid chemical damage to your already treated hair.

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Lastly, just remember that whatever chemical product you use on your hair, shampoo and deep condition it regularly to avoid further damage.

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