Tips to save on birthday presents for friends


As much as you wouldn’t mind spending money to buy a gift for your friend, you must learn how to work with a budget – especially if you are one of those with too many close friends! Listed below are a few tips and tricks to budget your gifts well and save on some money:


Reality check

You may have other expenses to get done with, but when it comes to friends all those needs are secondary. But sit down and contemplate. Will not buying your friend a costly present hurt your relationship that much? Try going in for a cheaper, more meaningful alternative. Most people appreciate efforts put into a gift rather than money.

Hunt for options

Do not go and buy the first thing you see at the store just because it looks expensive. As we touched upon before, put in effort and you will be appreciated much more.

Online shopping

Nowadays, online shopping offers you a wide range of products and sometimes at considerably lower rates. This is a good way to cut expenses.

Plan in advance


Planning in advance will give you a chance to come across sales which can get you what you want at cheaper rates.

Do-it-yourself gifts

Make your friend a gift yourself. Even a card made at home makes a lot of sense. Touch her/his heart by writing something about your friendship.

Gift vouchers

There may be this pretty dress you want to buy her or this awesome shirt you want to gift him, but you may not always be able to afford it. You can always gift a voucher. If he/she is a close friend, you can go with him/her to buy the gift later on.


If your friendship is valued upon the price of the gifts you give then it doesn’t make sense, but if you genuinely feel he/she deserves much more than just a costly gift then go for it! By no means are we advocating not buying costly gifts, just manage your finances more wisely!

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