Tips to stamp out stress from your life


Stress is something affects a huge number of people in today’s world. Stress is basically a reaction by our bodies to stimulus that disturbs our physical and emotional equilibrium. In simpler terms, stress is anything that poses a challenge to our well being is stress. It is necessary to banish stress from our lives as much as we can. Let us look at tips to eradicate stress from our lives.

A stress free life is a happier life

A stress free life is a happier life


Exercise has been proven to have a beneficial effect on a person’s mental and physical state. For many people exercise is an extremely effective stress buster.


If your consumption of coffee and other drinks which contain caffeine is high, then you have a higher chance of stress. Try cutting it down to relieve stress from your life.


Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Make sure you have a healthy and balanced diet. Good nutrition is an important stress management tool. When our bodies are poorly fed, stress takes an even greater toll on our health.


There are some effective breathing techniques which will slow down your system and help you relax. The rapid shallow breathing that sets in when you’re anxious creates an imbalance in the nervous system, which produces an unstable heart rate.

Relaxation techniques

Yoga, meditation and massages are some techniques that can help reduce stress and make you feel free. This has been proven as good relaxing techniques and you must give them a try if you haven’t yet.

Stay away from alcohol and drugs

Most people try to escape stress by resorting to alcohol and drugs. Well, here’s news for you – alcohol and drugs does nothing but worsen your stress levels in the long run. They might give temporary relief but have long term devastating effects.


Communicate as much as you can to alleviate stress

Communicate as much as you can to alleviate stress

Stay in touch with people, talk to new people, talk to family and friends more. Communication is a great stress buster and staying lonely is going to do nothing but worsen your stressfulness.

These tips can help you alleviate stress in your life and are foolproof solutions for extreme cases of stress.



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