Tips to stop emotional eating


Do you find yourself binging on food when you are happy, sad or stressed? Eating to feed your feelings and not your stomach is emotional eating. From ice cream to potato chips, the binging never seems to cease sometimes and this can throw all your weight loss goals out of the window! So if you’ve already recognised that you are an emotional eater or have a pal that is one, here are tips you could use to stop emotional eating.

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Most people eat a lot of chocolate to deal with stress

Most people eat a lot of chocolate to deal with stress

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Identify your eating triggers

There are many triggers that could cause emotional eating. Your triggers could range from social, emotional and situational to psychological. Try and identify what could be causing you to emotionally eat.

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Search for alternatives

Now that you have identified your triggers, it is time to search for alternatives.

You could try celebrating happiness by doing something different, like maybe hugging someone you care about, or watching your favourite television show, rather than gorging on your favourite sundae.

You could cope with sadness by doing something that usually makes you happy, besides eating. You could try browsing through your photo albums and smiling at better times in your life.

You could cope with frustration by working out at home. This is one of the best ways to divert your mind and refocus your energies towards doing something that will help your fitness and health.

You could cope with anger by writing things down. Maintaining a diary can be a good practice to reason out your anger at certain happenings in your life and stay away from unnecessary binging.

Write down what you eat

Keeping a diary can help you keep a tab on your eating

Keeping a diary can help you keep a tab on your eating

Keeping track on what you eat throughout the day will keep you away from emotional eating. Write it down in a journal or a diary. This way you can even keep a calorie count that will help you in your weight loss goals.

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Listen to your stomach

Somehow we have all lost the ability to listen to hunger signals. We need to reinvent this technique of eating only when we are hungry. This will surely keep away emotional eating!


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