Tips to stop over-eating


We all set goals that we procrastinate. Diet is one area where we neglect discipline after setting goals. The taste and smell of certain food invite us to indulge and we don’t consider portions. Over-eating is such a common habit that most people consider it normal. Our stomachs are only the size of our fists, yet we push down more than it can handle at times, stretching our stomach muscles into oblivion.  If you have ever wondered if you can get over this habit of over-eating, here are a few tips to help you do so.

Drink water before a meal


Drinking water helps the stomach feel fuller and will curb any unwanted craving. Drink water at least 10 minutes before your meal to curb your appetite. This way you will eat lesser and not feel those unwanted hunger pangs.

Portion size


Make sure that you serve yourself little so that you know how much food you are eating. You can serve yourself again if you want, but you at least know how much you are eating. It’s easier to keep a track this way.

Make a journal

diet journal

As futile as this seems, making a diary and entering in it what food you eat, makes you realise how you are exceeding your calorie limit per meal. This will help you plan accordingly.

Binge eating


We often tend to eat before meals because we can’t wait for the food to arrive. Then once the meal arrives, our tummies are already satisfied, yet we eat the meal as well! Try to restrain yourself from binge eating.

Eating timings


Eating at the right time is also essential. When you have a fixed eating timing, you won’t tend to overeat due to hunger. Your stomach is optimally filled at the right time and there’s no need to stuff down food when you see it come your way!

Stay away from over-eating and your health will be much better. Over-eating has a lot to do with discipline and if we can discipline ourselves, it will help in our all round development.

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