Tips To Strengthen Your Bond And Be A Truly Happy Couple


Sometimes, just by looking at a happy couple can make you feel good. How come these couples are always so happy? It’s like they fall in love with each other all over again, everyday! What is their secret? You may be thinking they musthave put a lot of effort to reach this point in their relationship, but the truth may surprise you! It’s just the small, little things in a relationship that matter a lot and make a huge difference to the equation the couple shares!

Here are some really easy and effective tips to be the happiest couple ever:

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Give each other a quick foot-massage before bed. It may seem awkward at first but gradually you’ll both start enjoying the pampering session. It could become your moment of relaxation every day, and who knows, things could get further steamy ;)

During the day, send your partner a random, cute love message. Something as simple as “Thinking of you”, “Missing your touch”, “Reminiscing our trip to Goa” would also count. Trust me, it will light up their day and yours as well!

Say 'I love you' to your partner at least once everyday

Say ‘I love you’ to your partner at least once everyday

Say… yes, say “I love you”. Actions may be louder than words, but it makes a hell lot of difference if you express your feelings verbally. Try it and notice the difference.

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Take a minute to cuddle your partner every morning before stepping out of bed, or before you leave for work. Simply holding each other silently is enough therapy to get rid of all the stress and make you feel much closer to your partner.

Cuddling is therapy and gets you closer

Cuddling is therapy and gets you closer

Take a walk every evening after coming back from work. Happy couples usually talk a lot more than others. Tell each other how your day was; discuss your concerns, your future, and anything that you want to get off of your chest. Spending quality time together always makes a difference.


Show gratitude to each other for the smallest things. If it was your turn to get up early to take milk, and you somehow forgot to do it but realize that your wife has already done the needful, don’t take her for granted. Walk up to her and give her a hug, thank her for doing it and promise to do your job the next time.

Forgive your partner for minor slip-ups and love them anyway

Forgive your partner for minor slip-ups and love them anyway

Be forgiving! This is the most important aspect in any relationship and pretty much the very foundation on which you must build your relationship. Learn to forgive minor slip-ups. Don’t think of them as slights and a reason to get back at them. If he forgets to pay the electricity bill, remind him politely and check if it can be done online. If she is too tired to do the laundry, don’t fret; throw it in the machine yourself, it hardly takes 5 minutes.

Be intimate, and then a bit more intimate. Happy couples share a healthy sex life. So get in mood today (or every day!) as much and as often as you want.

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Be happy genuinely – and voice it out. Tell your partner how happy they make you. Make them feel special even for doing the little things. Even though it may sound artificial at first, you’ll soon notice that when you don’t do it you feel incomplete. Ask yourself if you’re really happy and you’ll feel it in your gut.


Inculcate these habits in your daily life starting today, and strengthen the bond with your partner. And as I said before, it is indeed the little things that matter!

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