Tips To Take Care Of Woollen Garments During Winter


Winter is almost here and it’s time to get your woollen clothes out of the trunk! I love winter because I love woollens – they are so soft on the skin and easy to go around in. A woollen sweatshirt on my favourite pair of boyfriend jeans is my perfect go-to outfit. But that said, woollen clothes need more care than other fabrics do. If you are keen to keep your winter garments in great shape to extend their shelf-life as well, read on for some important tips.

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Don’t over dry-clean your woollens:

Woollen clothes need special care

Woollen clothes need special care all year round

Authentic wool garments like cashmere are really expensive and require the most amount of attention and care. If you want to make them last a long time, do not over dry-clean them as excessive dry-cleaning reduces the life-span of wool.

Eliminate stains quickly:

If your woollen garment has stained, it is important to be prompt in cleaning it. Spot-clean immediately to avoid having to take the garment to the dry-cleaners. Once the spot sets, it would be difficult to eliminate the stain without damaging the garment’s fibres.

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Wash woollens in lukewarm water:

Woollen clothes must always be washed gently in lukewarm water with a good quality washing liquid meant for woollens. Some good quality liquids available in the Indian market are Godrej Ezee, Wipro Safewash, etc.

Dry your woollens in shade:

Wool is delicate so you don’t want to take them under the sun because you’ll just be further damaging it. Think of it as if your clothes are being sunburnt; if the UV rays are harmful for us, they’re equally harmful for wool! Do make sure to dry them in shade, otherwise they will either lose out their colour or shape.

Don’t bleach them:

Woollens must never be bleached or dyed. If you want a particular shade, buy a pre-dyed garment, which probably has another fibre in it.

Store your woollens properly:

Hang your woollens in heavy cedar wood hangars

Hang your woollens in heavy cedar wood hangars

The fundament rule for increasing the lifespan of any garment is being careful while storing it. Never hang your garments up using thin, wire hangers as they will stretch and get misshapen. Use heavier hangars made of cedar wood or fold them carefully and store in a dry place.

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Brush your woollens:

At times, woollen clothes tend to form tiny bumps or pills that are nothing but fuzzy balls of fibre that appear on its surface. Using a small course-bristled brush, work over the garment thoroughly in short, firm brush strokes.

Avoid moth:

Storing damp woollen garments can give rise to mould or dust mites. To avoid this, wrap a few naphthalene balls in a piece of cloth and place it between the woollen clothes. You can also use neem leaves if the smell (and chemicals) in the naphthalene balls bothers your nostrils.

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