Tips To Zap Red Zits And Pimples Fast


Has it ever happened that you woke up one morning (when you had an important meeting with your girlfriend’s parents or a date or party to attend), and you looked into the mirror to find a fat little red zit on your face? Hurts, I know. Zits and pimples are a bother to each and every one of us. But thankfully, they are quite easy to get rid of! If you fell upon this article while searching for ways and tips to zap red zits and pimples fast, here are some quick how-tos:

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A small pimple or zit on the face can turn your whole world upside-down

A small pimple or zit on the face can turn your whole world upside-down

The first thing on your agenda should always be oil control. When the sebum that our skin produces gets mixed with oil, sweat and dirt (thank you, pollution) it produces a friendly environment for pimple-causing bacteria to breed. So you must always keep your pimple-prone areas (face, neck, back, chest or shoulders) clean and bacteria-free. Use a good natural cleanser like cold coconut milk or coconut oil as both are anti-bacterial.

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Always use non-comedogenic products on your skin, especially in the summer and humid climate. Avoid touching your pimple-prone areas too much and wash them with a good gentle oil-control cleanser twice a day. Use only plain cool water rest of the times. Beware of harsh cleansers that may dry out your skin causing it to produce more oil and sebum.

Use skin products that are non-comedogenic

Use skin products that are non-comedogenic

While treating a pimple or zit, never apply a product around it. Spot-treat them by putting a small quantity of product, preferably one which contains benzyl peroxide, alpha hydroxyl and/or salicylic acid.

Use oil-free sun-block lotions in the morning and every time you step out so that your treatment will not be hampered by the sun’s harsh rays.

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Wash a soft pure cotton cloth or a t-shirt with ice cold water and gently place it over the zit to reduce the redness and itchiness. It will also take care of swelling if any. A cold moist teabag placed over the zit can also zap it quickly.

Although you should never pop a zit, if you must, then these are your dos and don’ts: Clean the area well and place a warm washcloth on it to make the zit easier to remove. Never use your fingers or nails to pop the pimple as this could lead to scarring. Instead, dermatologists suggest using a pair of Q-tips (cotton buds) to apply mild pressure.

Always clean the last trace of makeup from your face before sleeping

Always clean the last trace of makeup from your face before sleeping

Although makeup can do a really fine job of hiding your pimple, it’s better to avoid wearing any makeup as it could hamper your treatment. Never go to bed with makeup on as this could result to more pimples while also aggravate the existing ones.

If nothing else seems to work and your condition is either the same or worse, visit a dermatologist. Consult the doctor about taking cortisol injections.

Avoid applying toothpaste on your pimples as it may contain fluoride that could exacerbate the inflammation and irritate your skin. The belief that toothpastes help zap pimples is age-old, when toothpastes used to contain zinc which help fight pimples.

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Finally, just remember to eat clean and avoid anything that may give rise to (quite literally) a teeny-weeny red volcano to erupt on your skin. So long, then!

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