Tips while dining out with babies


Just because you have an infant at home does not mean that you have to set up a moonlight dinner indoors to supposedly enjoy the evening with your husband, while you simultaneously check on your baby.

Moreover, dining out can be a break from staying indoors and managing the baby. Your kid should never be a hindrance on such occasions.

If you can keep some points in mind, you can have a hearty meal with your husband.

No to bucket-style seats

car seat

You may prefer handling your baby in a bucket-style seat, but that is a bad choice. Some restaurants have specially made car seats for infants. You can enquire if they provide it; else, you purchase one and place your baby there carefully. Also, the ones with belts prevent the baby from falling. If your baby is comfortably seated, I can assure that you will not be disturbed throughout your meal.

Pick a booth


If your baby cries in any case, you can avoid the unwanted attention by picking a booth to dine. But, if you are totally okay with all eyes on you, you might as well sit in open space.

Feeding your baby

feeding the baby

If the wailing doesn’t stop, it is likely that your little one is hungry. If that is the case, feed him. If you are not comfortable breastfeeding in public, you can pre-pump some milk in a feeding bottle before you leave to the restaurant.

Don’t go during rush hours

rush hours

Rush hours means a lot of people and that means extra attention. Therefore, it is better to visit a restaurant after the rush hours are over. With so much of crowd, you might end up getting stressed with failed attempts to stop your infant’s loud wailing.

Family-friendly restaurants

family friendly

Opt for family-friendly restaurants rather than hi-end fancy ones. Fine dining means silence, and babies don’t sink well with that concept.

Be flexible

be flexible

Sometimes it may be easy to stop your baby from crying for no reason while other times you might end up stressed out with umpteen attempts. In such situations, it is better to pack your food and leave the place. Don’t wait until some fellow diners complain about the noise and you ending up in an embarrassing situation.

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