Top 3 myths about tampons


Women don’t mind handling a hectic job, troublesome children and even a demanding husband, but her monthly periods is something that she dreads. This form of torture comes in a package – menstrual cramps, vomiting, change in appetite, travelling issues, leakage anxieties, and lots more. Different women prefer using different feminine hygiene products when they have their periods. For example, women in western countries prefer using tampons while Indian women stick to using sanitary pads. Within India itself urban Indian women prefer using sanitary pads while many rural women use a piece of cloth/rug even today. Unlike in western countries, Indian women are not exposed to knowledge on tampons. In countries like USA, school nurses conduct puberty educational programmes to teenage girls. On the contrary, the female population in India are not exposed to such informational programmes. Therefore, they are reluctant to experiment with new products and end up sticking to their comfort zone. Another reason why they don’t prefer using tampons is because of the myths that exist. Here are top 3 myths that many women unanimously believe in. Tampons are painful and dirty In fact, majority of women in western countries admit to using tampons because of hygiene reasons. They consider tampons to be very hygienic when compared to usage of sanitary pads. The tampons absorb blood faster as it is inserted directly in the vagina; unlike sanitary pads that are spread on underwear. Tampons are not dirty, provided you change them frequently. dfjy And, tampons are not painful. Many women fear that using tampons is a form of losing virginity and thus can be painful. This information is to all women out there – only by indulging in sexual intercourse you can lose your virginity; not by using tampons. Tampons tear a small layer called hymen to enter the vagina. By tearing hymen, women can’t lose their virginity; because this layer can be easily torn off by indulging in activities like riding bicycles, participating in martial arts, etc as well. Tampons can get inside the body if we are careless tampon1 Firstly, your vagina is not a black hole; so, the tampon cannot get lost inside your body. The vaginal end connecting to your uterus has a very small opening through which the tampon cannot fit in. Therefore, do not fear about the tampon getting lost inside your body. Many women also fear that tampons can fall out effortlessly. This is not true because the two walls on either side of your vagina holds on to your tampon; thus, making sure it does not fall out. If this is not convincing enough, here is an example – athletes, cyclists, gymnasts and swimmers use tampons because it stays intact and makes them feel comfortable, in spite of their hectic schedule. One has to remove the tampon before urinating fudsgyr Actually, you do not get your periods from the urinary bladder. The urinary bladder, vagina and anus are located at three different places in a woman’s genital area. You get your periods from your vagina; therefore, it is not required to take off the tampon while peeing. And, you need not worry about the tampon falling out because; as mentioned earlier, vagina holds on to the tampon tightly. Every product has its own pros and cons and so does tampons. Failing to change the tampon frequently can cause TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). It is your responsibility to take care of yourself and prevent such illness from crossing your way.

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