Top 5 female sex fantasies


Every woman desires for her partner to grab her by the waist and make love to her like never before. Though some women openly speak about their fantasies, many others subjugate their feelings. This is why many men are shocked to know that women actually have sex fantasies. Whether it has the sex guru Kamasutra or the contemporary sexual approach as a part of it is not the concern, as far as, it is kinky and men understand it.

Here are five such female sex fantasies that can guide you through your sexual encounters.

Strip tease and lap dance

Women dream about giving a special and sexy strip tease to their partner especially on Valentine’s Day or on their anniversary. It is kinky and is proved to turn on any man within a fraction of a second. Also, men love it when a woman approaches him with skimpy and sexy outfits in bed. To sport stilettos and laced red lingerie is the most common fantasy. Every woman dreams about unbuttoning her shirt in slow motion as she gives the best lap dance on a sexy number to her partner.

Role play

Role play is another sex fantasy by women. Some of them even imagine wearing wigs and changing their appearance to get into the role. There are women who fantasise about exchanging roles with their partner as well. By assuming herself to be her partner, she desires to dominate him by doing naughty things like spanking his butt, etc.


There are two categories in this – women who long to dominate their man and women who want their man to dominate them in bed. Some women fantasise about taking control of the sexual intercourse and indulge in innovative ways like tying up her partner and the kinds. And, other women visualize their man getting naughty with toys and in other kinky ways.

Lesbian fantasies

Today’s generation have a new sexual fantasy – lesbian encounters. Many straight women desire to indulge in lesbian activities to try new things from their routine sexual encounters. They wish to caress another woman and feel her body. For some women, it is exploration while for other women it is a break from their routine sex life.

Bathroom sex

Another common fantasy is to have wet and foamy sex in a hot tub. They dream about long talks in the bath tub that eventually turns into a sexual encounter. Women are all the more happy if their man indulges in the activity before they open up about their desire.

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