Top 5 Ghost Myths


Imagine you are walking alone on an empty road at midnight. The leaves of all the trees on the sides of the road are rustling thanks to the late night breeze. There are only a few houses in the lane and there is no one as far as your eye can see. This much itself is enough to get you goosebumps. It is all the more petrifying if there is a dog howling at a measurable distance from you. Whether you are popularly known to be the brave man or the gutsy woman does not matter anymore. Holy Ghost! Even if you are an atheist, you pray to every God to help you reach your destination safely. That is the impact spirits/ghosts have on human beings – the grim effect.

Though the existence of earthbound spirits is scientifically proven, there are many psychic myths created over the years. Here are the top five ghost myths of all times.

If you pray, ghosts will never follow you home from an investigation

This is not true unless ghosts believe in prayers too. It is always advisable to communicate with spirits and make it clear that you won’t disrupt their happiness; else, they might walk you to your destination. However, some spirits may not believe in prayers, in which cases, your prayers may not be powerful to stop their prevalence.

Ghosts do not wear clothes

This actually depends; some ghosts wear clothes while some don’t. It is believed that if a person dies naked, the spirit remains naked while intersecting with the living. Some ghosts wear the same clothes they wore on the day they died, while some prefer to change it according to their moods. Many ghosts prefer wearing their favourite outfits.

Ghosts are stuck on Earth

Ghosts are not stuck on Earth because of any kind of punishment from Gods or devils. They are mainly earthbound to help the living realise their reason to live and in many cases to be at a desired location.

Ghosts can be made to leave the haunted person/location

Firstly, provoking the dead can be problematic because no one can say what runs in the minds of any ghost. They come and leave a place as per their wish. Normally, ghosts will not leave a location and lay dormant until they find a new person to daunt.

Ghosts are not evil

Actually not all ghosts are evil; some even go to the extent of helping a living person. But there evil spirits who carry negative emotions from their previous birth and hence possess a lot of negative energy. They cling on to the good spirits and make them taunt the living beings.

So, don’t engage in any activity that might turn a ghost’s attention towards you because you are digging your own grave by doing so. The paranormal world is no joke.




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