Top 5 grooming myths


Whether it is to apply hair oil for long lustrous hair or to apply moisturiser to avoid dry skin, people take utmost care of their looks with various cosmetic products. When we tend to believe information that doesn’t have a substantial proof, our skin or hair pays the price. There are many grooming tips that have evolved over time; while some of it holds value, others may or may not be easily accepted by people. For example, some people believe that applying hair oil will make their hair shiny, while others believe that it clogs pores on the scalp. Furthermore, there are two distinct beliefs about ghee: one is to apply ghee to obtain long and thick hair, while the other is to avoid it as ghee makes your hair go grey. Taking these examples into consideration, which one would you believe? Over the years, grooming tips have developed to an extent that we are unable to differentiate between tips that are true from the ones that are not.

To ease you, here are top five grooming myths that are believed to be true.

Shaving makes hair grow thicker and faster

The rate of one’s hair growth depends on his DNA and not because he indulges in shaving. Some men tend to grow thick facial hair, but they assume that it has become thick over the years because of their habit of shaving. This is absolutely false information. No one can mess with their DNA. If it runs in the family, so be it.

Hats can make a person bald

Hair loss and thinning of the density of hair is genetically programmed. If you think practically, wearing hats cannot be a reason for hair loss. Also, some people believe that hats reduce circulation in their head. Hats are not designed to kill people; it is worn to add style to your looks and to protect your head from the sun. People go bald because of their genes. If your parents lose hair sooner than expected it is because their ancestors passed on the genes to them, and eventually it means that it’s passed on to you as well. Hats are innocent in this case.

Brushing your teeth after eating

Many parents try to instil the habit of brushing by teaching their kids to brush their teeth right after meals. This is wrong. If a person brushes his teeth right after meals (especially after consuming acidic food and drinks) he is prone to increased enamel erosion. Dentists recommend brushing only after 30 minutes to an hour after meals; but, unfortunately, the rumour has spread to immediate brushing.

Not washing your face regularly can cause blackheads

In an attempt to get rid of blackheads, people wash their face far too much. Unfortunately, this habit is not encouraged because the skin becomes irritated and overcompensates for the loss of moisture and produces even more oil. Not washing your face regularly can accumulate dirt and form blackheads, but, this gives you no excuse to wash your face far too much.

Consuming chocolates increases acne

This is absolutely wrong. Occurrence of acne is because of changes in hormone levels, stress and genetics. It is not fair to blame chocolates for your increased acne. So, quit blaming chocolates and pop in a few if you have ignored this piece of brown bliss for quite some time.

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