A List Of The Top 6 Things Cats Love – Bet You Didn’t Know!


Cats are intelligent pets; some would argue that they are way more intelligent than dogs or any other pet. Indeed, they are quite shrewd, and will often bend you, their owner (read as “minion”), to do their bidding. Don’t be shocked to know that these cocky kitties know exactly what they want, and they know just how to get it from you.

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Here are 6 things cats love and will go to any length to extort them from you:

  1. Boxes, cats love boxes!
things cats love

Cats love confined places, so a box is a perfectly safe and cosy place for them to nap

For most cats, all the toys and balls of yarn in the world can’t compare to a nice cosy cardboard box. The reason for this is cats instinctively seek out confined spaces. Boxes also double up as a safe and cosy place to sleep, which is important to cats given the fact that they sleep for up to 16 hours a day. 

  1. Cats love bonding with their owners
things cats love

All cats love to snuggle up!

Contrary to popular belief that cats are antisocial creatures, most cats love their owners with all their heart and are very amicable pets. If you find your cat rubbing his face on your legs, it’s definitely a sign that your feline loves you and is showing you some love. Don’t ignore your kitty’s call for some cuddling. Show them you love them too and stroke their belly, but be careful not to overdo it, or you may get a few love bites in return!

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  1. Cats love to sleep
things cats love

What’s the one thing that Garfield loves to do?

Everyone who’s ever owned a cat knows this universal fact: Cats are lazy and they love to sleep! Just ask John Arbuckle about how difficult it is to get Garfield up and about, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. God forbid, you try and wake your cat from deep slumber… you better be wearing a suit of armour to shield yourself from a volley of claws. It is times like these that the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them” comes into play. Might as well pull up a pillow and cuddle with your lazy feline. 

  1. They love to manipulate humans
things cats love

Cats can act all cute around you just to get what they want.

This one’s a bit tricky, literally! Cats will often purr, rub against you and make those sweet puppy dog eyes *pun intended* to get you into giving them whatever they want. They are extremely good at playing mind games, and if you’re not careful, you just may become their puppet.  Just remember to be strong and not give in to… “Aww… how can we say ‘No’ to such a cute little kitty? No-no, we must stay strong!” *resist* *resist* *resist*

  1. Cats love bird-watching
things cats love

Sylvester and Tweety shared a love-hate relationship

Why do cats love watching birds so much? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Their basic instinct as predators fuels this burning urge to stalk prey, like small, innocent birds. The slightest hint of a chirping ‘fine-feathered friend’ will grab the attention of even the most sleepy and bored kitty. So remember, if you happen to have a bird in the house, keep it out of reach of Mr. Kitty Claw-claws! 

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  1. Cats love clawing and scratching things
things cats love

Be extra careful when your cat is around the couch, he/she may pounce on it and start clawing anytime!

As from the points mentioned earlier, we can deduce that a cat’s 3 basic needs are boxes, sleep and… clawing! That’s right, cats love to claw and scratch at things, even if it means shredding up your expensive couch. But hey, don’t blame your poor feline for this. It’s in a cat’s nature to constantly claw at rough surfaces to sharpen their claws on a frequent basis. And just how humans enjoy stretching when our muscles feel all cramped up, cats love to scratch as it both energizes and relaxes them.

The next time your kitty is feeling down in the dumps, try giving them a box or a scratching post to lighten their mood. You may end up getting a sweet graze on the legs, showing that they love you back.


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