Top bridal colours of this year


Indian weddings are the most colourful when compared to the ones across the globe. Vibrant colours, grand decorations and rituals sum up the tedious job of planning Indian weddings. In spite of the hectic itinerary, everyone looks forward to the wedding platter, family reunions and the chance to show off their royal wedding attires. The diversity that India is known for has never stopped a Punjabi from getting married to a Malayali or a Bengali getting married to a Maharashtrian. No matter what culture one follows, every young girl wants to look stunning and trendy on her special day, and her wedding trousseau contributes a lot to this. This is why we have shortlisted the best bridal colours trending in 2014.

Royal Blue


Although this is not a conventional colour for weddings it can add a stylish look to the bride. This colour can be worn on your wedding day as well as for pre wedding and post wedding celebrations. This colour can be best matched with red, pink and turquoise colours along with platinum and white gold jewellery.

Sensational Orange


Bright tangerine orange is the recent trend alert for Indian weddings which was introduced by popular Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra. This colour looks best with gold ornaments and can be teamed up with red, pink, green, yellow, coral or gold colours; the options are plenty.

Romantic Pink


Pink is the untiring colour for bridal wear. It manages to make every bride look their best on their wedding day. Pink colour has many shades ranging from bright neon to light baby pink. It can be teamed up with red, orange, turquoise colours. Gemstones and diamonds are best jewellery options to match the attire.

Luxurious Magenta


Magenta never fails to impress. This colour makes sure all eyes are on the bride for it gives a bold and dazzling look to her. It can be teamed up with green and turquoise colours, and gold jewellery suit best. Don’t forget to work on your wedding smile.

Divine Red


Even if the fashion industry keeps evolving, the fact that red is auspicious for weddings will never change. For decades red has been the colour for weddings and even today it remains to be the first option for every wedding. So if your family is not willing to jump out of their conventional ways, worry not, red will continue to trend as one of the bridal colours for years to come.


No one can steal the thunder on your wedding day; flaunt yourself with the best bridal attire of your favourite colour.



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