Transitioning from college to work life


Chilling at the canteen, playing sports, 4-5 hours of lectures per day, and studies during exams, mostly – college life can be relaxed compared to the big jump you may make to work life soon! Let me set things straight before people jump at me; there are exceptions! Engineering students may feel – what the hell are you talking about? Media companies and advertising agencies, on the other hand may say that work life is as fun as college life. But, these exceptions, and many others apart, college life clearly lacks the structure and discipline of a work life atmosphere.

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You've got to be a bit more professional at your workplace

You’ve got to be a bit more professional at your workplace

School may have been a lot more structured and you may have enjoyed the jump into the freedom of college life. Oops, your five/seven years of college have finally run out… and it’s time to enter into the life of structure and discipline once again!

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Greeting friends

Heyyy, wassup! Hi five, low five, hugs, hmmm… you may have to cut this out once you enter into work life. Friends will obviously be there, but greeting them will have to be a bit more formal in a work atmosphere.

Achieving targets

Now, you are an investment! More than anything, that is the reality. For every penny they pay you (your workplace), you have to give your work output. Unlike when in college, where you paid to study. So achieving your targets is going to be more important than submitting your projects, while you were in college.

Dress code

Transform your style from casual to smart

Transform your style from casual to smart

Baggy jeans, loose t-shirts, sleeveless tops, spaghetti strap dresses, caps, a long beard… eh ah (nods head). Yup, I found it hard to get rid of my identity and style as well, but work life will require a more professional look. This is only so that work can be taken more seriously. So it will take time to develop a dress code for work, make it smart yet formal; look sexy, but not college sexy!

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Although there may be other areas where college life and work life may be poles apart, but these three areas may be the toughest ones to cope with, especially after a chilled out college life. Bringing your college lifestyle into a work atmosphere may ruin your professional identity.

No one is restricting you from enjoying your life. You can have an active social life after work hours! But make sure you put your career first.

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Now for something that makes us all excited about work life – MORE MONEYYY! Pocket money to do things I wanted was never enough, I’m sure you would say the same, right?

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