Travel Smarter With These Tips To Pack A Suitcase Like A Pro


Whether your winter travel plans include a business meeting or some easy breezy Christmas parties, learn to pack your suitcase like a pro and save the worry of carrying large luggage with you. To be very honest with you, I travel a lot, and I mean a lot! Because of this, I’ve made many travel mistakes, but eventually learnt it the hard way. So, here I am sharing with you some useful tips that will help you pack well and travel smarter!

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Write it down: Making a list of all things you are going to do on your trip will help you find out what you need. For example: If you’re planning to go for a swim while on your trip, you’d obviously need your swimming costume. So make a list of all the activities on your travel agenda and also jot down the essentials that you would need in a “list of things to pack”.

Begin with the must-haves: Once you’re ready with your “list of things to pack”, begin with packing the non-negotiable, must-have-at-any-cost items. This may include important documents, emergency medicine, etc.

Roll your clothes to save space in your suitcase

Roll your clothes to save space in your suitcase, and also to keep them crease-free

Pack the basics: It’s always smarter to choose the basics while packing clothes. Select a few pieces which you can mix and match. A pair of pants, pencil skirt, sweater set, and silk blouse can be changed up with different jackets, colored belts, tees, and camisoles.

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Re-use and recycle: Remember the soft cloth bags that your new shoes came in? Don’t throw it away; you can use it to safely keep your jewellery or maybe even a small clutch.

Save space: Roll your clothes in the shape of a burrito to save space and pack more stuff in a single suitcase. Folding your clothes the normal way may seem easier but truth is the rolling-them-over technique saves you a lot of useful space and also prevents wrinkling!

Aother smart tip is to tuck your belt into the collar of your shirt

Aother smart tip is to tuck your belt into the collar of your shirt

Use every nook and cranny: If you’ve folded your best shirt for a business meeting, use the collar to safely store your belt. It will save you space and also keep your belt safe.

Bubble wrap the edibles: If you have to carry any edibles, make sure to wrap them in aluminium foil and bubble wrap to avoid leakage.

Opt for sachets instead of bottles: Carry sachets of shampoo and conditioner instead of the whole bottle. You won’t need all of it anyway!

Fill in the gaps: You can use your handkerchiefs or lingerie to fill in any gaps that may cause the clothes to move and get messed up.

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If you are skeptical of these tips, put these to test immediately and see the difference for yourself ;)

Until next time!

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