Travelling alone? Follow these tips


Travelling alone can be truly amazing. You can stop when you want, turn things up a notch when you want to, and relax all day if you choose to. It’s like the pursuit of happiness, and this self indulgence is a perfect getaway from a stressful life. You must try it if you haven’t yet.

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However, here are a few things you need to consider to ensure safety, enjoyment and low costs while on a trip all by yourself.

Carry sufficient cash

Yup, the world revolves around money. Obvious as this sounds, make sure your debit cards have enough cash while you travel because this is something many people face a problem with. Expenses in a new place may be much more than it is back home, consider this.

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Don’t pack too much

Dont pack too much for a journey alone

Don’t pack too much for a lone journey

Remember that when you travel alone, you don’t have company to help carry your bags. If you want to enjoy travelling, make sure you carry less, so you travel light.

Talk to strangers but be picky on who to trust

Yes, you should enjoy the freedom of making new friends on such a journey, but make sure you don’t trust anyone and everyone because there are a lot of swindlers out there, telling half truths and whole lies.

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Refrain from too much alcohol

Don’t get too intoxicated as this can cause you trouble since there isn’t anyone to take care of you.

Don’t schedule tight

Leave space for rest, travel, unexpected delays, and impulsive plans on your journey. If you schedule too tight, then you may end up killing the real purpose of your trip – freedom.

Enquire about public transportation

Enquire about public tranport

Enquire about public transport

Find out about how to travel to places with public transportation before you actually try it. It will save you the time and energy and you will enjoy the journey more, since you have an idea about it.

Find out about eateries within your budget

Everything from price ranges, types of food, pictures of the place, etc is available online nowadays. You can decide which place suits you best when you are travelling alone to a new place.

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Keep emergency numbers handy

Make sure you have phone numbers of important people who you can contact in case of an emergency.

Stack all your important papers

Make sure you carry all important identity documents when travelling alone as this can pose problems in case you have an altercation with security.

Travelling alone will give you something you've always wanted - freedom

Travelling alone will give you something you’ve always wanted – freedom

Travelling alone is a beautiful experience. Exploring new places at your own pace is something worth trying. In all the excitement, make sure you have your wits about you, since you’re out there all by yourself.


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