Trekking during the monsoon is really fun!


Usually, the monsoon ends up as a great time to stay indoors and chill with a cup of tea, or bhajiyas. Looking at the rain from your window can be a great way to spend your weekend, but who is that lazy nowadays? Everyone wants an action-packed weekend after a stressful week at college or work!

So for all you nature lovers out there, nature gets even more beautiful during the monsoon, so get your trekking boots strapped! It’s time to go on a monsoon adventure!

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The smell of fresh air, wet grass and cool weather – these are the perfect ingredients for a day outside. If you’ve never tried trekking during the monsoon and are wondering, what the hell is Brunette talking about, try it! Nothing beats a monsoon trek! Here’s why…


You want to get here, don't you!

You want to get here, don’t you!

Greenery makes for great scenery! Doesn’t it? No more dry plants. Dew drops on the top of trees and plants rejoicing with the moisture of rain makes a wonderful sight. You just can’t get enough of it! The view gets better as you rise to a higher altitude; and do I need to mention, the higher you go, the more elated you’ll feel! Oh, and of course, the numerous pictures you can click, and later share on social media! ;)

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Lesser effort

Or at least you feel that way! Summer may sap you dry, or make you sweat like a steamy shower, but the rains will keep you feeling great all the way to the top of your trekking destination!

Monsoon in all its glory

Yup! You will enjoy monsoon like never before! No traffic, noises and umbrellas everywhere. Pure monsoon magic! Get wet, sans the umbrellas!

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Monsoon trekking will de-stress you

Monsoon trekking will de-stress you

With busy lives that we all ‘suffer’ (if I can use the word), enjoying monsoon uninhibitedly is a great anti-depressant!

Not a lazy rainy day!

A rainy day is usually spent at home looking out the window, right? At least mine is. But getting out on a trek will make your usual lazy rainy day fun and adventurous! Mark my words, you won’t regret it!

The feeling of immense pride when you get to the top!

The feeling of immense pride when you get to the top!

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So, plan a trek this monsoon on a weekend! Prepare your backpack, stack your necessities and embark on your trekking adventure, and yes, be safe.

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