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The newest trend doing the rounds in the fashion world is the graphic or geometric eye makeup. Although the classic cat-eye makeup is still a favourite of many, you’re going to go “gaga” over what this season has brought. Graphic eye makeup consists of going well beyond the crease of your eye and playing with your liner. Let’s take a look at what this trend really is.

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Triangular graphic eyes

Triangular graphic eyes

What is graphic eye makeup, you ask? In simple words, it’s making thin lines by free-hand, that go over the crease of your eye and form artful strokes that protrude from the corner of your eye into squared/triangular/circled shapes, basically any geometric designs.

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Squarish graphic eyes

Squarish graphic eyes

Contradictory to the popular belief that this type of makeup could be difficult and tricky, it doesn’t need more effort than your regular cat-eye. If you’re game to try it, let us show you how to master this trend.

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Step 1

Prime your eye area before trying on a graphic look as it prevents the makeup from bleeding or smudging.

Step 2

Invest in a good gel liner. It’s so versatile that you can actually use it with cream or powder eye shadows to unveil a precise definition.

Minimalistic cat eye makeup

Minimalistic cat eye makeup

Step 3

If you’re trying to make straight lines, and it’s your first attempt, use a business card as a guide. All you need to do is place its edge against the eyelid and draw like you would do, using a ruler.

Step 4

Try to experiment with various colours, textures and shapes. Find what suits you best.

Step 5

Lastly, clean up the smudged liner with baby oil, using an ear bud.

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