Trendy nail art designs that are easy to make


It’s no secret that one of our favourite facets of dressing up is getting our nails done! But we have so many readers calling up to suggest a new mani for the season. Frankly, simple everyday nails are a passé while artsy manicures and creative nail art are the talk of the town. Moreover, it doesn’t really depend on the season but on our own moods and how creative we want to get. So, how are you feeling today? Still confused? Try out some of the coolest nail art trends that we at The Brunette Diaries have brought together for you.


The abstract nails:


Abstract nail art

If you want to go retro with your nails, then you must try this one. You will need:

-          Protective base coat

-          A glitter nail polish in any colour

-          2 matte nail polishes in contrasting colours

-          Cello tape

-          Scissors

File your nails properly and start by applying a protective base coat to clean and dry nails. First, apply the glitter nail polish on all your nails evenly. Let it dry. Using the scissors, cut out any shape of cello tape that you want to use and press it firmly on your painted dry nails. Make sure there are no air bubbles. Then, on top of this apply your matte nail paints in contrasting colours. Wait for 10 seconds and gently pull off the cello tape from your nails. Creative, isn’t it? Finally, apply a top coat to protect your nail polish from chipping.

The baby polka-dot nails:


Polka dotted nail art

If you haven’t tried them yet, then you’ve got to. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. All you need is,

-          A protective base coat

-          2/3 nail polishes in your favourite colours

-          A nail-art pen/ A toothpick

Get your nails ready by filing, buffering, and pushing the cuticles back. Apply a protective base coat evenly on clean and dry nails. Once it dries out completely, apply the lighter shade of nail polish on your entire nail evenly. Proceed with the darker nail polish and apply it only on the top half of your nail – you can get creative by making a wave with the darker polish. Let it dry. Use a contrasting colour and make your tiny polka dots along the edge of the dark nail polish, and wherever else you might want to. Finally once it dried out apply the final layer of protective coat to keep your nail art from chipping off! Voila! You are now polka ready.

The candy-shop nails:


Candyshop nail art

This one is a personal favourite! You will need all the different colours of nail polish you own. But don’t sweat; it is super easy, we promise.

-          Nail polishes in various different shades (preferably bright candy colours)

-          Toothpick

-          Protective base and top coat


Start by applying a protective base coat. Except your lucky fingers, paint all nails in a candy-colour (we chose pink!). Let your nails dry out completely. You can paint your lucky fingers in a neutral colour before proceeding with the nail art (however, this is optional). When your nails are ready, put small dots of all the colours you own using the toothpick on the lucky fingers. Finish with the transparent top coat once your nails dry. Ta da! Just don’t eat your nails! ;)

Fruity nails:

Fruit themed nail art

Fruit themed nail art using fimo sticks

These are perfect for a picnic or pool-side party. They may look like there is a lot of work, but we at The Brunette Diaries have some great shortcuts that will surprise you! All you need is:


-          Protective base coat

-          Any nail colour of your choice

-          Fruit fimo sticks

-          Glue


Apply the base coat, and once it dries apply your nail polish in a thin even coat. Cut out a few slivers of the fruit fimo sticks and glue them to your nails. Finish with the top coat and you are good to go.

Caviar nails:


Caviar nails


So you are a caviar fan? Flaunt your taste buds on your nails with this ever-so-easy caviar nail art.

-          Protective base coat

-          Nail polish in any ocean shade (turquoise, sky blue, sapphire, ocean green, sea weed etc)

-          Mini nail art pearls or mini beads

Once you have painted your nails with the base coat and a colour of your choice, pour some of the pearls or mini beads on your nails while they are still wet. Leave them to dry properly for about half an hour. Apply two layers of transparent protective top coat to set your caviar nails right.

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