Trendy nail paints and manicure trends to take out for a spin


Colors are in and it’s time to go vibrant with our nails as well. Let’s take a look at what’s hot…

Melon shades:

Melony nails

A personal favorite of ours, melon shade nails are totally cool and equally pretty. Various different shades are used to create pretty melon-ish nails.

Fuchsia colors:


Fruity, flirty, and vivacious fuchsia nail colors can never go wrong this spring. Experiment with pinks, purples or blues. Fuchsia nails are perfect for a girls’ day/evening out.

French nails:


This one’s a classic favorite. Get yourself the perfect French manicure and you’ll be showered with lots of compliments. You can try a reverse French mani, where you just paint your tips with any bright color and leave the rest bare.



Glitter nails

Sport shimmery nails for a party in the night. You can use glitter nail paints even when you go dancing with the girls.

We’re sure you can’t wait to try them out, so go crazy with colors!

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