Tricks to hide your belly on your wedding day


To look magnificent in her wedding outfit is the top priority for any soon-to-be-bride. Sometimes, planning a wedding can be so hectic that the bride-to-be may not have enough time to work out and thin down in the last few days before her wedding. Here are a few tricks that will help you hide your belly fat on your special day.

Say yes to elastic shapewear


Elastic shapewears are specially designed undergarments that you can wear under your outfits. It creates an illusion by making you appear thinner. If you have no time left to lose the fat by jogging and panting on a treadmill, try elastic shapewear. But, it does not suit all body kinds. Therefore, wear it once to know if it suits your body kind and then make your decision.

Get your appropriate wedding outfit


Some outfits can make a person look fatter than they appear to be, while some can totally put you off with the colour combinations. Weddings are special occasions, which is why it is important to wear appropriate outfits that will best suit the bride as well as the occasion. You can cover your belly fat by draping your sari pallu or lehenga dupatta around the waist. In that way, your belly fat will be hidden. By wearing a lehenga with a wide bottom, the waist will look comparatively smaller; or at least it will make your body look proportionate. Avoid heavy embroidery around the waist as well as at the borders. Thus, it is important to understand the nuances of dressing, only then will you know what suits you best.

Accentuate your other features


Focus on your other features like highlighting your eye makeup or by having a different hairstyle. Concentrating on other features will help in not drawing people’s attention towards your belly fat. If you have well-toned arms, flaunt them with sleeveless choli. It is all about thinking and acting wise. It is your day; don’t let anything ruin it. Everyone generally pays attention to the exquisite jewellery that the bride wears along with her bridal outfit. Match attractive accessories which will make people notice. In this way, you can avoid the attention directed towards your belly.

It is all about wise choices

Go for subtle embroidery or solid monochromes; this will give you a rich bridal look even without makeup. Avoid broad zari borders which will end up making you look even broader. Don’t pin your pallu in pleats, rather leave it open on your arms; it will cover your waist and avoid unnecessary exposure of the fat.

It is your day. Be the charismatic bride that you can be.





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