Tricks To Save Your Sweaty, Pimple-Prone T-Zone


Are you one of those people who look wrung out due to a sweaty T-zone? Oh, you’re not really sure of what T-zone means? Well, it comprises of the forehead, the nose and the chin. So, now that you know what T-zone is, ask yourself if you have a problem of an oily, sweaty T-zone. If yes, then follow these tips on how to avoid letting your nose and forehead seek attention for all the wrong reasons.

Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, too, seems to have an oily T-zone

Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, too, seems to have an oily T-zone

Cleanse + Scrub + Mask

One of the biggest reasons of a sweaty T-zone is excessively oily skin in the area, which also leads to acne and breakouts. To save it from that extra oil, wash your face with a gentle, gel-based or mild foaming cleanser. Next, to achieve an acne-free skin, polish your face with a gentle scrub which will help get rid of dead cells, thereby unclogging pores. Once a week, treat your face to a sumptuous mask regime which will help you achieve a fresh, non-oily and radiant glow.

Keep moisturising your face

Having oily or sweaty T-zone doesn’t mean you should not use a moisturiser; it’s just that you should try and avoid using a very thick one. Use a light BB cream with lesser SPF which will moisturize as well as protect you from the harmful sun rays. Cover the sweaty T-zone area with a compact shade that’s close to your skin tone to get the perfect matte finish.

Watch what you consume

Drink optimum amount of water as it cools down your body temperature, thus causing less perspiration. You can sip onto some green tea frequently as it contains astringent properties and prevents excess moisture release, giving you radiant skin. Similarly, oranges and lemons can work wonders for your skin. However, too much of oily or spicy food is not advisable as it upsets the digestive system which further reflects on your face.

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