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Truweight Fitness - Review

After several failed attempts at weight loss, in December 2016, I embarked on a new journey towards going back to the slimmer me with Truweight that promised to help me lose weight with the help of superfoods. I have been chronicling my weight loss journey on The Brunette Diaries since then. In case you missed them, here are the previous episodes of my weight loss chronicle:

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Today, I will share my overall Truweight experience. Maybe it will help you decide your course. So here goes!

- I lost 2 kilos in the first three weeks of starting the Truweight program. This motivated me to give more than my 100%. But in the following days, despite religiously following the diet and staying off sweets and unhealthy processed food, I did not lose weight.

- When I consulted my Truweight Dietician-cum-mentor, she changed my food plan and suggested a few detox and anti-bloating drinks I can make at home. I followed it for 2 weeks. Did I see any weight loss? Yes. She was right – my body was retaining water.

- Protein phase, Superfoods phase, Grain-Shifting phase, etc. – each of them ensured I feel full all the time without compromising on my weight loss aim.

- Every 10 days or 14, my assigned diet phase was changed. In fact, every phase had 3 or 4 different diet plans for each day so that I get to enjoy a variety of (healthy) foods every day.

130 days after the commencement of the program, I was 7 kilos lighter than what I had started at. That’s more than 2 kilos a month! I was delighted… obviously! Finally, something helped me come closer to my desired weight. In fact, it’s over a month that the program got over, yet I have been able to successfully keep my scales tilting farther towards the left!

This was my tryst with Truweight. I was super happy not only because I lost weight, but also because my sincere efforts and emotional investment didn’t go waste.

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Let me now talk about the few good things that came with this program:

- The dieticians there pay attention to your lifestyle and accordingly assign you meals and solutions. This ensured that my taste buds, my tummy, and my schedule, everything was happy!

- I was a chocoholic before Truweight happened to me. Today, I don’t feel the urge to gobble up a chocolate even if it stares at me when I open the fridge.

- Not only have I learnt to curb my sweet tooth, but I have also become disciplined in terms of junk food hogging.

- I used to hate fruits before this program. But now I know the fruits with whom I can be friends.

- Tender coconut, dal, and buttermilk are now a part of my daily diet.

- Earlier, I would eat chocolates and sweets whilst counting calories so that I can compensate accordingly. Today, I know counting nutrients is better than counting calories.

- ‘A balanced diet’ was just a concept for me earlier; today, I know what it truly means and how I can achieve that on my plate.

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Honestly, I find Truweight’s weight-loss science and logic sensible… especially the calories v/s nutrients one. That’s the reason why the learnings from Truweight have become an integral part of my lifestyle today.

If you’re still contemplating hopping onto the Truweight bandwagon, have a look at what you need to be ready for:

- A variety of alternate foods to satiate your hunger. So, now, instead of hogging on biscuits, samosas and coffee, you have the delicious amaranth mix, lemony chana and green/hibiscus tea

- Swap white rice with brown rice, white poha with red poha, regular dosa with Quinoa dal dosa, etc.

- Gluten-free roti or multigrain roti will replace your regular roti

- Eating every 3 hours or so

- Blood tests may have to be done to check if your lipid profiles, cholesterol, hormones, etc. are normal or not

- Daily logging of food and water intake. Ditto exercise and weight-logins

- Twice-a-week or weekly calls from the dietician to check on you. An investment of 10-20 minutes each time

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If you think following a healthy diet is more than enough, let me tell you – the experts at Truweight not only tell you what’s healthy but also tell you what to eat when. Plus, they also debunk numerous “healthy” facts. In fact, I still remember, my dietician once told me, “We don’t want you to be dependent on us. You should be able to maintain a healthy weight even after your Truweight program is completed.”

Now that you know everything you should be knowing about the Truweight weight loss journey, decide for yourself if you want to enrol with them or not. I would suggest, go for it. I (finally) lost my weight and found myself again; I’m sure you will, too!

Goodbye, folks! :)

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