Turning 40? Time to upgrade your makeup strategy


Although age is just a number, the ‘number’ gradually brings a lot with itself. With fine lines and skin damage beginning to creep up on you as you hit the 40 bracket, you are left wondering what should be your makeup strategy. Should it be too much or not much? When in your 40s, your body goes through a series of hormonal changes and thus, you soon start noticing all sorts of age spots, pigmentation, dark circles, freckles, etc breaking out on your face. To ensure that it doesn’t come in the way of making you look beautiful, here are a few things you must do when you hit the dreaded 40s.


Choose a foundation with coverage:


Use a foundation to cover your blemishes

Unlike your 20s, wherein using a primer and concealer was enough to hide blemishes, during your 40s you need to opt for an even foundation that provides coverage. To ensure that you cover all the dark splotches, even out your skin tone with a foundation that is a shade closer to your original skin colour. Next, begin to apply your makeup by doing light touches on your jaw-line and your chin area so that you can blend the colour easily, on your neck. To complete the look, dust a translucent powder on your face, so that the foundation stays on for long.

Uplift your face:

As you reach your 40s, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear. This is also the time when you start noticing that your skin starts to sag because collagen production begins to slow down. Sweep a light to medium shade of foundation on the full length of your cheekbone smoothly to lift your face and define it. It will also conceal fine lines and wrinkles.

Redefine your best features:

In your 40s, you should take note of what needs redefining as far as your features are concerned. For example, the shape of your lips may not be so regular, with tiny lines appearing at the edges. The best thing would be to apply foundation on your lips or a little concealer on the edges of your lips. A lip pencil in the same shade to outline your lips should also do the trick.

Go subtle:

The way to make your features stand out and look elegant is by going in for subtle makeup. You can achieve this look by keeping your eye makeup moderately heavy but toning down your lips. Add some colour to your cheeks to get a fresh face instantly.

Choose natural shades of lipstick:

Nude lipstick

Nude lipstick makes you look younger

Though brighter colours like maroon, red and mauves are popular, a nude lipstick will make you look good and far younger. If you have chapped lips, choose a lip gloss instead of a lipstick so that the lines on your lips do not show. However, if you wish to go in for a lipstick, remember to apply a lip balm before you start filling it up with the desired colour.

Perk up your eyes:

Eye makeup

Eye makeup makes you look 10 years younger!

When dealing with dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines, proper eye makeup is crucial. Use a foundation that matches your neck’s complexion and blend well. Opt for darker shades of eye shadow like browns and golden. Once you’ve done that, sweep a line of eyeliner on your top eyelids and on the bottom as well. Finally, add lots of mascara. However, if you are suffering from dryness around your eyes, it is best to use a moisturising lotion, before you begin to apply your makeup.

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