Types Of Condoms And Their Characteristics


Sex toys? Oh yeah. Skimpy lingerie? All good. But what’s the sexiest thing you could do on bed – we believe it’s to whip out that condom and have some steamy, hot, sexy and SAFE sex… Yep, safe is sexy! How about getting the condoms yourself rather than asking your guy to bring ‘em? This way, you’ll get to know your preference – and your guy’s – much better! But if you need a quick brief about the various types and characteristics of condoms available near you, here they are!


Latex condoms

Latex condoms

Latex condoms are the most commonly used rubbers out there. They’re proven to prevent pregnancy upto 85% and also prevent the spreading of STDs. They’re also very stretchy, so it’s good for the “big” boys (wink, wink). Remember, latex rubbers are not to be mixed with oils or any oil-based lube as it cause the condom to break or slip easily.

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Non-latex polyurethane sheaths:

If you or your guy happen to be allergic to latex condoms, that’s no excuse to not using one. There are polyurethane sheaths for people who want to go the non-latex route. They’re thin, effective in blocking sperm, infections and come in various sizes so that you can enjoy your big ‘O’.


Don’t worry; they’re not really lambskin – just a thin membrane though. These are the most popular animal membrane condoms. BIG WARNING: They fail to protect against STDs and aren’t as highly effective as latex condoms at preventing pregnancy.


I know you’re shocked. But the truth is that many condoms are laced with spermicidal chemicals that kill the sperms. And you thought doubling up with two condoms would be the best idea, ha! But unsurprisingly enough, many folks seem to be allergic to the chemical stuff down there. So here you are, spermicide-free condoms can get rid of that!

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Female condom:

It’s not the prettiest thing in world. It kind of looks like a floppy elephant trunk, but it provides women with more control than the male condom since women insert it themselves rather than relying on the guy to put a condom on.

Textured condoms:

Dotted, ribbed, studded…sounds more like a piece of a jewelry than something that goes in your pleasure zone. But the various textures are designed to increase stimulation as you get it on. The downside is that for most women it rubs them wrong (literally.)

Tantric style:

These pretty-looking textured condoms are available to order online

These pretty-looking textured condoms are available to order online

No, this isn’t a rival to oppa Gangnam style! But these bad boys are covered in some tattoo-esque designs, mainly for pleasure but it also helps those who want to look at a pretty penis to go down on. However, these are not available in India as of now.

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Ultra thin condoms:

If you’re silly enough to believe that the sensation (or the pleasure) is reduced after wearing a condom, this one’s for you. Ultra thin condoms provide all the sensation as well as the protection. Score!


If you’ve ever tried a flavored rubber, you know some can be mighty tasty, while others simply vomit-inducing. Get your favorite flavour (vanilla, strawberry, champagne!) so you don’t have to be feeling sloppy while you go down on him.


Glow in the dark for the mysterious girl in you

Glow in the dark for the mysterious lover in you

If the star wars light-saber secretly turns you on, then you’ve got yourself a night! When all the lights are off, slip a glow-in-the-dark condom over his penis (with some help from him, of course) and get busy with his personal glow-stick ;)

When it’s comes to condoms, you’ll find a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, sizes, tastes and many other benefits to blow your mind and rock your world. Just remember – better safe than sorry!



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