Types of Makeup Sponges


A makeup sponge is a must have in every girl’s makeup bag. The innovation of using sponges to apply makeup has been so helpful! Here is a list of 5 common types of sponges:


This type of triangle looks like a triangular block that kids play with. The best thing about this type of sponge is that it does not absorb a lot of product. With its unique shape, it’s easier to reach the various hard-to reach parts. This sponge works great with liquid products such as concealers, foundations, illuminators etc.

Triangular Sponge Is A Type Of Make-up Sponge

Pear shaped

This sponge looks like a pear, but it tapers off on one end. It allows you to control the coverage over a specific area, and gives you an opaque finishing. Because of its curvy shape, you can also alternate with your application. Holding from the round bottom provides a softer application, whereas gripping from the ridge of the sponge gives you a more intense application.

Pear Shaped Sponge Is One Of The Types Of Make-up Sponges


This basically looks like someone bewitched a teardrop to turn into a sponge. This provides you an airbrush type of finish and is very handy with blending, highlighting and contouring. This is great liquid as well as creamy products.

Teardrop Sponge Is A Type Of Make-up SPonge


As the name suggests, this looks like a disc. You will find this type of sponge in almost every touch up kit, usually paired with your compact. This type of sponge is perfect for applying pressed powder, although it does collect a lot of product. It is a good idea to wash this kind of sponge or swap it if it starts to catch too much product.

Disc Shaped Make-up Sponge Is A Type Of Make-up Sponge

Flat ended

This sponge looks like somebody cut a slice out of your teardrop sponge type. The tapered end is great for detailing and the flat side is great for contouring with creamy products. The broad rounded side of the sponge is great for basic application of foundation and bronzer. Basically, for someone who spends a lot of time on polishing skin complexion, this is a dream come true.

Flat ended Make-up Sponges

Now that you know the type of sponges that exist, you should go check if you are using the right kind of sponges.

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