Useful Fashion Tips And Advice For Super Skinny Girls


We’ve heard of people who wish to become as thin as a toothpick. But then there are others who want the opposite. Some girls are really very thin and bony and they wish to be a little more curvaceous. But nature plays its games. If you wish you were a few pounds heavier than you are just so that you could look prettier, stop wishing upon that star. Because you’ll be happy to hear that you can really look a lot prettier if you just make a few changes to your wardrobe. Here’s some top line fashion advice for super skinny girls:

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Get the curves first:

Here's a gist of what works and what doesn't for super skinny girls

Here’s a gist of what works and what doesn’t for super skinny girls

Focusing on how to create curves and volume is the main goal for skinny girls when fashioning their attires. You need to create curves where you want them, and that’s quite easy. Padded bras and push ups are a really big help! Apart from that, dresses and tops with volume (ruffles, cowls) on shoulders and hips are great for bony-thin women and help to create the illusion of curves at the waist, bust and hips.

Type of sleeves that work for you:

Jackets can hide your skinny arms and make you look fuller

Jackets can hide your skinny arms and make you look fuller

If you want to hide your scrawny arms, opt for shirts with voluminous sleeves to create a wider look and to balance out your silhouette. Bat-wing sleeves are great for adding some additional shape, while long sleeve tops are great for disguising thin upper arms. You can also hide your skinny arms by pairing a long-sleeve top with either a bomber jacket or a waterfall blazer.

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Plump up the twins:

You can also use a scarf or a necklace to layer your outfit around the bustline

You can also use a scarf or a necklace to layer your outfit around the bustline

To plum up your bust, invest in some shirts, tops or dresses that are heavy and bold in prints and colors, and contain details like pleats, ruffles, twists, or knots at the bodice. Avoid very deep cleavage such as V-neckline to play fairly with the chest. Layering is also a great way to create dimension around the bust area. So go ahead and abuse the chunky tops and layer it with long chains and statement neck pieces.

Types of skirts that work for you:

Where skirts are concerned, try to opt for clothes that are flared from waist-down. Asymmetrical, A-line and miniskirts are the best bet for you. Feel free to play with belts, coats, pleats, tights, etc.

Get the right cut:

Haircuts for slender necks

Haircuts for slender necks

No matter what your hair color is, your hairstyle matters a lot and adds great charm to your appearance. For those who are skinny and have a long, thin neck, your goal is to add volumes and curves in your hair. Medium to short bobs and wavy hairstyles look best and add a feminine flair to a skinny face. Not to mention, long bangs, curls, layers, and angles that also flatter.

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Finally, remember that there are plenty of fashion choices out there for you to pull off exactly like the models on a ramp. So, be grateful for your slender body, and always be confident about yourself. Ciao for now!

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