Using Mirror As Home Decor


Mirrors are no longer used only as a means to admire beauty. Mirrors are being actively used as a piece of home decor. They can be used with any kind of furniture and have many positive impacts on the design of the room. According to Feng Shui, mirrors help channel energy.

Here’s how you can place mirrors intelligently throughout your home.

Have a mirror in the hallway: If you have a long hallway in your home, you can add a mirror on the wall that does not have any doors. If this seems a little too much for you, you can put up small pieces on the walls or even hang some mirrors on them. This makes the long hallway beautiful and bright. You can also put a mirror at the entrance of your home. This is very welcoming and also lets your guests make sure that their hair is in place.

Go full size in the bedroom: Placing a full length mirror in your bedroom on the floor will give the illusion of the room being bigger. Besides adding dimension to the room, the mirror will also beautifully enhance the colour of your bedroom walls. Your bedroom is your personal space and so you are free to explore endless possibilities. Do your own thing with mirrors and show your creativity.

Placing a full length mirror in a room simply adds to its glamour

Placing a full length mirror in a room simply adds to its glamour

Feng Shui promotes mirrors: According to Feng Shui, mirrors placed next to a dining table bring fortune. When used in the bathroom, they create positive energy. However, Feng Shui experts discourage using mirrors at the end of a hallway as it stops the flow of energy.

Go creative with mirrors and use them all over your house. Just don’t go overboard and make sure that you do not use mirrors on the ceilings. Also remember to follow the rules of Feng Shui when you mirror up your home.



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