Vanity kit essentials for the woman on the go


Your friends have called you to a party after work, and you have to get ready to go directly to the party. You have your makeup kit ready but you don’t have the one thing you desperately need. To make sure such an instance doesn’t happen again, here are a few vanity kit essentials for the woman on the go:


Face wash

Getting exposed to the sun may make your skin dull, oily and sweaty. Make sure you carry a face wash to clean your skin well and freshen it up.


A moisturiser will rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. This will keep your skin soft and supple and will not allow it to go dry.


A concealer will help on a bad skin day. It will take care of your dark circles, pimples and blemishes on your skin.


A compact will give your skin a flawless finish sans the shine and will also help in preventing your makeup from running.

Lip gloss/Lipstick

A lip gloss/lipstick will make your lips look more attractive. It is the ultimate make up essential for every lady. A shiny lip gloss will give you a perfect pout.


Enhance the shape of your eyes and make it look more attractive with the help of eyeliner. And if you are the adventurous types, you can opt for some of the latest eyeliner fads doing the rounds!


Unfortunately, the magic of mascara is underrated by most women. This magic wand can brighten up your eyes instantly and make it look bigger.


Carrying a mirror will help in case you need a quick touch up. Sometimes you could find yourself in places where there is no mirror. Carrying a small mirror helps at times like these.


So the next time you are going out, be sure to carry these bare essentials.



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