Waking up happy each morning


Grumpy head, it’s time to wake up! Is this what you tell yourself each morning? Most people wake up with a burden to drag themselves through the day. Instead of being fresh and excited to live a new day, you tend to go through the motions. This is a part of life, but when you face life with a smile, it makes things all the more exciting.

Life is what you make of it. You may wonder what you can do to make your life exciting again. Sometimes it’s as easy as smiling.


Smiling every morning is a good practice

Smiling every morning is a good practice

Wake up each morning and practise smiling. Smiling has a positive effect on your mood. You may think its retarded, especially if someone catches you smiling for no reason, but smile! You look better when you smile!


Exercise will give you a good nights sleep

Exercise will give you a good night’s sleep

Many people wake up feeling lazy even after a good night’s rest. However, when your body is worked well after exercise, your sleep makes more meaning to your body.

Clear your mind

Before going to sleep, make sure you have no grudges against anyone, make sure you do have no unresolved issues. A good night’s sleep is much sweeter when your mind is clear. So sort out your issues before you put your head to your pillow.

Soothing music

Playing soothing music while you wake up will set your mood right. Don’t play music too loud and don’t play anything that is not wholesome lyrically.

Eat breakfast

Most people believe in the diet fad that starving yourself can make you leaner. Besides being untrue in this sense, it also makes you grumpy!


Stretch every morning

Stretch every morning

This will flex and loosen all of those muscles that you don’t even know you need. Stretching may seem useless to you but you have no clue how it can actually help you!

Lastly, let me get back to what I first said. Just to prove how important it is. SMILE. Some people say laughter is the best medicine. Well, smiling is the best vitamin tablet!

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