Want Maximum Pleasure? Explore These 10 Unusual Erogenous Zones


Parts of your body that create erotic sensations when kissed, touched or caressed – these are called erogenous zones. Now, we are aware of the fact that the genital region, lips and breasts can cause amazing sensations. But did the idea to explore other places, ever occur to you? Next time, explore these 10 erogenous zones in bed to give more pleasure to him. We’re sure you’ll make him go gaga over you and your ways.

Neck: For both men and women, the neck is a very sensitive area; so, while kissing, caress your partner’s neck slowly. This will arouse him with passion to make love to you. Kisses or even light warm breath on the neck can do the trick. Both men and women can try this on each other and see the results.

Neck is one of the most erogenous areas of your body

Neck is one of the most erogenous areas of your body

Collar bone: This idea never did strike you, did it? Your collar bone is super sensitive mostly because it’s near the neck area and the skin around it is very thin making it delicate. Try planting kisses on his collar bone or trail your fingers lightly over it and that’ll mark the beginning of a rocking night.

Hair:  Someone stroking your hair feels nice and relaxing, right? The sensation increases way more when you’re making out and, believe me, it is beyond imagination. The head has many sensitive nerves; hence, light pulling and stroking can be extremely sensual and turning on.

Ears: Trust us, you can never go wrong with ear kisses. Starting with light kisses for a casual session or trying nibbling or lightly biting can be something positive if you’re looking for something erotic.

Inner thighs: The most erogenous parts of your body are the genitals obviously but the area around them is super pleasurable as well. Kissing, stroking, a massage or even licking his inner thighs and he’s going to shiver with pleasure, we promise you.

Shoulder: Shoulder massages are great places that can release tension and stress.  To arouse your partner after all day toil, this will work as the best way.

Back: Everyone loves a good back massage, especially if it is erotic. Don’t just stick to rubbing. Go a little wild with scratching and tickling or use your tongue. Soft kisses over his back will make him go crazy. And he surely will love this and return the favour in a nicer way.

Don't miss out the back while exploring your partner

Don’t miss out the back while exploring your partner

Feet: Don’t you agree most people feel ticklish at their feet? This area is very sensitive and can create crazy sensations. Some people are very foot fetish and for them this idea is like a boon. How about giving each other a foot massage?

Palms: Not everyone’s palms are sensitive to light touch. Some have rough palms too due to various reasons. Luckily if yours or your partner’s are soft, go for a hand massage. Be prepared to get aroused when your partner runs his fingers up, down and around your palm.

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