Want to be your own boss? Get a freelance job!


Nothing gets you more self disciplined when you’re alone than getting a freelance job! Although you may have limited deadlines, the fact that you get paid for what you do will inspire you to work more and get off your behind.

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A freelance job lets you work in the comfot of your home

A freelance job lets you work in the comfort of your home

The skill set required for a freelance job compared to the usual job that you get paid a monthly salary at an organisation for is quite like chalk and cheese. So what exact skill set do you need to call yourself a freelancer and practise it?

Well, for one, you need to be able to –

Convince people

Yes, this is a major skill that you need in order to work well as a freelancer. Your skill doesn’t always speak for itself. Most times, it is your ability to convince a person of your capabilities to deliver what he/she wants or how good your work is or will be, that will get you your quota of work.

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Be a cut above the others

In-house professionals aren’t sitting on their behinds for nothing; they get paid to do what they do, albeit it may not always be their job profile. So, if an organisation is looking for a freelancer to get its work done, it probably is because the in-house professionals aren’t competent enough to get the work done. Hence, as a freelancer, you have to be able to deliver something top notch and not something that they could get done from anyone in the organisation itself.

Scheduling your time

You don’t have a boss, you are the boss of yourself, but that doesn’t mean you just while away your time! No time discipline = no money, simple as that.

That’s the basic, very basic skill set you will need to be a freelancer. But, how can you put your profile out there? Well, here we give you a step by step guide to it.

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First off,

Develop the aforementioned skills

Anybody can be a freelancer, but not everybody can be a successful freelancer who is able to support his lifestyle with his earnings well. In order to taste success as a freelancer, make sure you develop the skills we’ve mentioned.

Put your CV on freelance websites

You can put your cv up on a number of freelance websites

You can put your CV up on a number of freelance websites

Yes, there are freelance websites out there encouraging you to get jobs instead of working under a boss! Just type in freelance jobs in a search engine and you will be bombarded with a list of freelance websites with which you can register.

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Get to know clients

You must be able to impress your clients with your work in order to retain them

You must be able to impress your clients with your work in order to retain them

As you begin to do the job, impress people! Don’t just get the job done in the usual way that gets you the money. If that’s the case, the money will run out and so will your client’s requests. Develop a good bonding with your clients, and deliver the promised optimum quality work.

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The basic guideline to be a freelancer is here! So, if you’re fed up of your desk job, or fed up of searching for one, freelance is a great option! You get to do what you like and your work gets chosen, not your degree!





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