Want to get rid of a hangover? Try these steps!


Are you suffering from last night’s party hangover symptoms? Do you feel irritated and lazy for no apparent reason? You threw every worry out the window and let your hair down last night! It’s time to suffer the consequences today? Not really! It’s about time you learn to deal with it rather than suffer the grief. Here are some dos and don’ts to overcome a hangover:

Water! Water! Water!

Water is poured from a bottle in a glass

Water is the best hangover remedy

We take water for granted. Water has great replenishing value. You can buy all the medicines you want but nothing works a charm like water. If you can’t push water down your throat then it’s an even better idea to try having some fresh fruit juices to invigorate your system of the low sugar levels it suffers from.



Coffee is a strict no-no

Most smart Alecs advocate coffee as the best hangover medicine. Well, there’s a reason they are called smart Alecs – they know nothing about practicality. Coffee, in fact, makes things worse for your body when in this condition. Coffee has got nothing to do with rehydration that your body requires at such a point. Although it may make you feel fresher for the time being, overtime you will realize that coffee has tremendous dehydrating effects on your body which is clearly not advisable.

Eat as much as you can

Listen to your body! It's hungry!

Listen to your body! It’s hungry!

Although you may never be comfortable with the idea of gorging on enormous portions of food in such a state, it is highly recommended that you re-supply your body of the vitamins and minerals that have been flushed out in last night’s craziness.

Do not try over-the-counter medicines

Stay away from over-the-counter medicines

Stay away from over-the-counter medicines

Even though over-the-counter medicines may make tall claims to deal with certain conditions it is always advisable to keep it clean and stick to the aforementioned natural remedies.

If you follow these easy steps, you will be on your way to your best health before you know it! Gone are the days where your hangover is prolonged to late hours of the next day! Try out these steps the next time you feel this way!

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