Want Your Man’s Attention? Follow These 10 Rules!


To attract their men is what all women want in this world. This is the idea that every woman is troubled about as to what are the things that gain a man’s attention! Below are 10 such things for you women. Go, woo your men!

Your eyes
Eyes are a mirror into the soul of a woman and attract the men a lot.

Your smile
Smile is one of the basic things which everyone notices when they meet somebody. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to keep your teeth clean; after all, who would like to kiss a mouth that reveals what they ate for lunch or dinner, is full of tartar, and/or stinks?

Your body

A well kempt body tells the people around you that you take good care about yourself. A person who cannot take care of oneself, how can someone expect them to take care of others?

Your hair
Luscious locks can make any man go gaga over you.

Sparkling eyes, clear skin, luscious mane and a warm, clean smile - work hard towards it

Sparkling eyes, clear skin, luscious mane and a warm, clean smile spin magic on men

You are known by the company you keep. Positive and fun friends are attractive and sound. Bitchy friend should be avoided.

Ability to converse
Your ability to laugh at yourself and your sense of humour attracts men to a great extent

Your dress sense
The way you dress shows your sense of fashion and style. Hence dress up like a diva.

Your height
Studies have shown that tall people are generally perceived to be more mature. Therefore wear heels to make you look taller, and not petite.

Your skin
The commercials are not wrong when they show that pimple or acne-filled skin is a turn off for men. On the other hand, glowing and fresh skin is a turn on.

Your posture
Always walk in an erect posture and not like a clumsy tired oaf who lacks confidence. Erect posture shows you are confident enough and possess élan.

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