Wave a goodbye to cheesy weesy lines in your romance


“My baby doll! I can even get the stars and moons to bring a smile on your face.”

It can be exciting to drench your partner with sugar coated lines to make them feel special. But, when your relationship reaches a mature level, these cheesy ‘You are my oxygen’ lines begin to diminish. Does this mean that your love is fading off?

No, it only means that you have taken a big leap from that infatuation phase to the real love scenario. To jump from your routine soapy dialogues to a mature relationship can be scary.

For such people, here are a few ways to be romantic without using those cheesy lines.

Teensy weensy things you do

teensy weensy

Being a sugar Charlie must have been your life jacket all this while, so much so that you might have actually forgotten how other normal things can matter in a relationship. So, it is important for you to know that even small deeds matter between couples. Complimenting and doing other small things that can make your partner feel special is essential. You can pick out his clothes or iron them, you can even cook his favourite meal or dine at restaurant; do anything that can show your love for him genuinely.

It’s time for an interval


If you both are working, it is time for you to take breaks every now and then. By breaks I don’t mean lunch or tea breaks; but, weekend getaways and holidaying together. You can even surprise your partner by planning a whole weekend all by yourself. Be it a visit to the massage spa or the beach place; make some time to spend with each other.



Humour is an age-old spice in the recipe of love. Crack jokes, play games and indulge each other in some fun time. Also, pillow fights are cute and entertaining. At the end of it all, don’t forget to cuddle and sleep. Physical intimacy is good in a relationship as it strengthens your love for each other.



Talk to each other about your feelings. Be it secretive or the disturbing ones; talk to your partner. He will be the one who will share your joyous moments or the sorrowful ones. By communicating, you are beginning to enter the mature phase of your relationship. Confide in each other. Make sure that it is mutual and not only a one-sided communication.

Publicize your love

Happy Couple and Family

If you are in a secretive relationship, remember this old saying: pregnancy and love can never be hidden; it will eventually be visible to the world. What can happen if you share your relationship status with others? If they devalue the idea of falling in love, you are not going to get affected (if you have true feelings for your partner). So, there is no loss in trying.

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