Ways to balance life with your wife and parents


Newly married couples are initially nervous because of an array of new responsibilities and the beginning of new life. To be in the good books of the in-laws is imperative for every couple; and this can be a tad more tedious and important if you’re staying in a joint family.

While the girl needs to adjust her daily routine to complement her new house, the guy needs to ensure that he helps his wife get accustomed to his house and family members, without causing any inconvenience to anyone.

Some relationships break off easily only because they couldn’t sustain proper relationship with each other’s family members. While some people take this as a stressful procedure, others simply follow the recipe to acquiring love from the new family. If you want to be the latter, here’s how:


Your wife is obviously the newcomer in your family. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure she is comfortable. Initially, it is going to be tough for her to get along with your family and to be in their good books. So, excuse her if she goes wrong somewhere and make sure your family makes some adjustments for her sake too. After all, she is the one stepping out of her comfort zone to start a new life with you.

Be unbiased

It is common for fights to occur. Your wife may cook food in the way her mother taught her to, while your mother likes it differently. These differences could cause stress in the relationship. At all times, make sure you are unbiased, because at the end of the day, they will come to you for a conclusion. Don’t support your wife only because you want to get laid that night, or be on your mom’s side to be in her good books. Be unbiased in your decisions and don’t forget to explain why you made that decision.

Help your wife

Your wife is the newcomer in your family. So it is important for her to know everyone’s characteristics to get in their good books. Help her in the process. Feed her with information about the likes and dislikes about each and every member of your family and watch her surprise them with no mistakes.

Mend fences

Sometimes, people don’t just get along. Don’t let that situation ever hit your family. Make sure your wife is a very good friend to everyone in the family, and so are everyone to her. When a disconnection occurs, sit with that member and your wife and be the middle person to sort their issues.


Sacrifices should be from both sides. You wife might have changed her eating habits after marriage only because it does not suit your family’s food practices. So, when she takes the pain of adjusting and sacrificing, ensure that your family members make some sacrifices too. You can begin by asking your parents to not give her any dress code or curfew to get back home.

Outings as a whole family

Ensure that you go on a trip every month once with all your family members. Issues and misunderstanding exist between relatives at all times. But such family occasions help mend those differences. Be it Sunday afternoon picnics to a nearby park or a road trip to a hill station; take the extra effort of planning a family trip.

Spend extra time with your wife

It is true that your family is very important to you. But, this new member has left behind her own folks to be a part of your world. Respect that fact by spending some extra time with her. Take her out for a movie or dine out together – just the two of you – as often as possible.

Marriage is a beautiful journey. And, these little deeds are the ones that keep your family together.

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